Apple Is Already Testing iPhone 6 And iOS 7 [Rumor]

It’s true, the iPhone 5 just debuted in October, less than three months ago. iOS 6 isn’t much older. However, Apple developers are already seeing signs pointing to a new piece of iPhone hardware and the next iteration of iOS. Of course, it still remains yet to be seen if the iPhone hardware will continue the trend and keep the ’5′ series designation, while adding the ‘S’ moniker to the end, or if it’ll jump right to iPhone 6.

According to The Next Web, one particular developer found a reference to a device called ‘iPhone6,1′. The current iPhone 5 we’re all familiar with is identified as ‘iPhone5,1′ or ‘iPhone5,2′. TNW goes on to say that the IP addresses found in the developer logs trace back to Apple’s Cupertino campus.

Now, you’re probably sitting back and thinking, “Well yeah, Mike, it makes sense that Apple is already working on their next big hit. This isn’t news.” — and you’be right. It’s been speculated that the iPhone 5 was nearly done, if not entirely done, when the iPhone 4S was announced. What is noteworthy, though, is the timing in regards to iOS 7. The first traces of iOS 6 started showing up in developer logs only a month prior to being released at WWDC last year. So, one of two things is possible: iOS 7 will be released sooner than expected (currently June 2013), or Apple is already testing it, ahead of what we know of previous schedules.

Whether we see new iPhone hardware and a new version of iOS in the next month or two, or six months from now, this report makes it all but certain we’ll see both in 2013.


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[Source: TNW]

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