Apple Is Now Selling The iPhone 5s Unlocked And Sim-Free In The U.S.

Apple fans who were waiting for the company to release an unlocked, SIM-card-free version of the latest iPhone 5s in the United States will wait no longer. As of Friday, the untethered device is available, with the options of shipping with a T-Mobile SIM or shipping SIM-free (this option would require a GSM-compatible SIM of your own that you could insert into the phone.)

Prices for the new option range from $649 for the 16GB model to $849 for the 64GB.

According to, you can use the unlocked phones on AT&T or T-Mobile, with the benefit being that you won’t need a contract.

Availability of the unlocked, SIM-free 5s is something that other countries have enjoyed for a few weeks, and the SIM-free version of the 5c was available when the new phones launched in September. Flickr

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