Apple Launches new iPod Touch and iPod Nano

Music lovers rejoice: the new iPods Apple announced last month are finally here. After a few hours of downtown, the Apple Store ( is back up and the new iPods are available to purchase.  Here’s a quick rundown.

Fifth Generation iPod Touch

The most noticeable difference, at least from the front, is the larger screen. The iPod Touch offers the same 4-inch Retina Display as the iPhone 5. Since it’s a 16:9 display, widescreen games and videos use every pixel of the display, instead of leaving you with letterbox-esque black bars on the top and bottom. And, since the iPhone 5 has been available for two weeks now, many of the apps you use every day have already been updated to take advantage of the new, larger display.


Apple finally gave the iPod Touch a performance boost, incorporating the dual-core A5 chip for better video and graphics performance. Specifically, they tout better gameplay. They’ve added AirPlay mirroring, so if you have an Apple TV, you’ll really see this performance come alive. Lest we not forget all the other things you can use AirPlay Mirroring for: movies and TV shows via your favorite apps (Netflix, ABC, YouTube, etc), every game you can imagine (Angry Birds on the big screen!), plus more simplistic things like browsing the web.


The iSight Camera makes the new iPod Touch a serious contender for those who don’t want to carry another device: compact, point-and-shoot cameras. Unless you’re planning on printing the images you take in sizes larger than 8×10, the 5MP sensor in the new iPod Touch is more than capable. Add editing capabilities with iPhoto for the first time, plus Panorama mode, auto-focus, LED flash, face recognition, 1080p HD video with image stabilization and you’re ready to rock. For the semi-serious photo junkies, check out these three apps I wrote about last month to do even more with your photos.

The new iPod Touch comes in five standard colors, plus a sixth, (PRODUCT)RED, which will only be available from Apple directly. It includes the new EarPods, which launched with iPhone 5 last month. The 32gb model is $299 and the 64gb model is $399.

Seventh Generation iPod Nano

The redesigned Nano comes in 7 standard colors, plus a (PRODUCT)RED color, also available exclusively from Apple directly. A 16gb model is the only storage option for the Nano.

Apple says the Nano is essentially the size of a credit card, and only 5.4mm thin. The 2.5-inch multi-touch display accounts for the majority of the device. For the first time, they’ve added an iPod Touch-style ‘Home’ button. Nano also ships with the new EarPods, and costs $149.

You can find more information about the new, fifth-generation iPod Touch here, and information about the new, seventh-generation iPod Nano, here.


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