Apple May Be Pushing Manufacturing Jobs to China, But They’re Creating Thousands in the USA

Apple and other smartphone makers have been in the news recently for manufacturing their gadgets in China, creating thousands of jobs in another country when their USA homeland is suffering from a large-scale recession.

Even President Obama asked former Apple CEO Steve Jobs about the jobs that had been send overseas, with Jobs reportedly saying “those jobs aren’t coming back”. Jobs outlined a number of reasons why Chinese manufacturers were beating their USA counterparts for consumer electronic manufacturing, including speed, price, and adaptability.

However, while manufacturing jobs may be overseas, a new study has shown that the ‘App Economy’ has created nearly 500,000 full-time jobs in the United States since 2008 when the iPhone first allowed third-party applications. The official number – 466,000 – includes all of the jobs at companies like Zynga, as well as the developer jobs at places like Amazon, AT&T, EA, as well as the actual operating system developers at Apple and Android.

The student notes that while most of the jobs are focused on app development, they aren’t all programming jobs. There are new jobs for graphic designers, marketing specialists, project managers, and more.

The study further proves what has been the trend over recent decades. Manufacturing and labor jobs are being sent overseas, while the new jobs being created in the USA are more intellectually based.

The Government and public should encourage and continue to build job creation in these sectors. Education should be tuned to help kids get into these growing job sectors, avoiding preparing students for jobs that may be shipped overseas in future years.

Source: Engadget and Cult of Mac

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