Apple Selects Kobe Bryant In First Round of iWatch Testing, Reports Says

With anticipation rising for the Fall release of Apple’s first smart watch, a recent report from 9to5Mac only adds to the buzz; Apple has enlisted the help from some notable athletes to do some product testing on the iWatch. Top athletes in most of America’s most popular sports, including the NHL, MLB, and the NBA, have been called upon to test the “fitness capabilities in intense training environments,” according to earlier reports. Two known athletes doing testing for Apple are the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, and LA Kings’ Dustin Brown, with reports of a notable Boston Red Sox player as well.

Bringing Kobe Bryant on board only makes sense, not only is he one of the top paid athletes, and is well recognized in the US, but with his professional career in Italy and the global growing popularity of Basketball Kobe would make an exceptional global ambassador for any product. Just the sight of bilingual Bryant (fluent in English and Italian,  as well as learning French and Serbian) can leave grown men crying tears of joy in China. Kobe Bryant is also a well known brand ambassador to Apple’s partner, Nike, who is rumored to be a key factor to the success of the iWatch.

The iWatch will have some awesome health components that will go beyond a pedometer and calories burned; Apple has been working with advanced sensors that should be able to read blood pressure, sweat, and hydration levels. With all the possible health features of the forthcoming iWatch it only makes sense that Apple would call upon top athletes to test the capabilities of it, and with the recent fusion of sports and the fashion world, Apple seems well position to finally creating a wearable worth wearing.

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