Apple Has Sold More Than Half A Billion iPhones To Date

We’ve been waiting for this milestone for some time now, and analysts have projected sales estimates that indicate Apple has crossed the 500 million iPhones marker. At the end of Q4 2013, confirmed numbers showed 472 million iPhones had been sold. With a forecasted sales of 38-42 million iPhones for Q1 2014, it’s surely happened at this point.

Check out the chart below from CNBC, which shows iPhone sales according to Apple’s SEC filings since 2007 when the iPhone was first introduced. You can clearly see the iPhone cannibalizing the iPod as sales of the music player decline year over year.


We’re expecting to hear the final numbers, and official confirmation of this milestone during Apple’s Q1 earnings call next month.


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  • bob

    yeah but like 40% of that number come from people who buy an iphone every year