This To-Scale Model of Apple’s New Spaceship HQ Is Amazing

In his last public appearance before his death, Steve Jobs proposed plans for Apple’s monstrous new headquarters in Cupertino to the City Council. In it, he described what we’ve all come to know as the Spaceship: a circular building with above-ground levels, enormous parking garages both above and under ground, and an on-site theater. The new campus will be built on a 175-acre plot of land just up the street from Apple’s current campus on Infinite Loop. In all, it will offer more than 6 million square feet of space.

You can see the full gallery here.


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  • C.M.

    It’s the Mothership, not the Spaceship.

  • jobelle

    Beam me up

  • Jsteye

    Up next, Samsung is going to build a circular building as well.

  • C G

    Can’t believe it isn’t a rectangle with rounded corners.

  • appleProductsmakeyouagaybitch

    Haha jsteye! True that, except Samsung will do it better and cheaper as always.

    • RedGeminiPA

      Cheaper, but not better. It will still look just like Apple’s, complete with batteries that swell up and motherboards that fail.