Apple Strikes Hard With Thunderbolt

No doubt you’ve heard about Apple’s release of their new line of MacBook Pros.  These laptops come brand-new with shiny new features, faster Intel processors, better graphics processing units, and (ohemgee) Thunderbolt!

What exactly is Thunderbolt?  Good question.  It is basically a really fast replacement for traditional USB.  How much faster?  About 10 times faster.  It is a fiber-optic based technology developed by Intel that is faster than traditional USB and even FireWire.

What does this mean to you?  Well, let’s say you were downloading a Blu-Ray movie (like Iron Man 2).  Normally (depending on your connection speed) such a download could take minutes or even hours.  With Thunderbolt, this download would take about 30 seconds; again, assuming you have a fast internet connection of course.

The only problem with the all-powerful Thunderbolt technology is that it seems to be a bit before its time.  It makes video streaming and other such things much faster and smoother, but most people are still content using USB technology.  Until the demand for something as fast as Thunderbolt grows, Thunderbolt will have to bide its time to become dominant.  But if you are the type of techie who wants the fastest of everything, you will definitely want to take a look at Thunderbolt.

The new Apple MacBook Pros use the Thunderbolt technology but still offer support for USB 2.0, so you can choose to live in the present or the future.  To learn more, check out the new MacBook Pro at and see the first computer to use Intel’s new technology.


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  • Mike E

    “Assuming you have a fast internet connection”? Thunderbolt runs at 10Gbps. So who has a “fast enough” internet connection?

    Let’s try to leave the exaggerated hyperbole for the breathless prose of the marketing types. Thunderbolt is for local wired connections, just like USB. Not for downloading Iron Man 2.