Apple Maps is Literally Getting Better Every Single Day (And How You Can Help)


You’ll recall, with the introduction of iOS 7, Apple scrapped Google Maps in favor of its own, proprietary mapping data in an app simply called Maps. It was a catastrophic disaster, and what made it worse was that you couldn’t just go download Google Maps from the App Store. That option came a little while later, and many have just resumed using Google, relegating Apple Maps to an unused portion of their home screen due to its inferiority, lack of accurate information, and missing POIs.

That’s all changed within the last two weeks.

POIs are updated and user-submitted corrections to Maps data are being made quickly. One Reddit user, heyyoudvd, wrote about this discovery on June 21, saying updates seemed to happen every Friday. He noticed several errors in his neighborhood had been corrected. He’s since posted an update, saying the update frequency has increased to a daily occurrence. Indeed, it looks like Apple is pushing a new update to its mapping data every single morning at 3am Eastern time.

Other users are chiming in on the two Reddit threads, corroborating his findings, indicating errors they’d submitted to Apple have been fixed in their areas, as well.

As a refresher, you can always report an error with mapping data within the Maps app and provide the accurate information for correction. It’s quick and easy, and you’ll feel accomplished having provided data back to Apple that will help thousands of users in the future. Here’s what to do.

Open the card for the POI you wish to provide updated details about. It’ll look like this. Tap the ‘Report a Problem’ button at the bottom.


Tap which of the options fits your correction. If you need to add the name of the POI, edit the address or phone number, choose the ‘Information is Incorrect’ option. If the location on the map is incorrect, choose the ‘Pin is at incorrect location’ option.


Provide additional details for the location and click ‘Save’ to submit the report to Apple.


Or, move the pin for the POI’s location to the correct place on the map. Once it’s in the right place, tap ‘Send’ to send the report to Apple.


That’s it! With a little work, Apple Maps is slowly but surely becoming a more reliable navigation tool for all of us. I’ve got a story about the flipside to this – relying on Google Maps in Puerto Rico and literally getting stuck on the side of a mountain – but we’ll save that story for another day.


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