Apple vs. Samsung Battle Rages On

As most of you may know, Apple recently sued Samsung over its “intellectual property” disputes with regard to the iPhone and iPad products. More specifically, they were concerned with patent infringement and also what they called a blatant attempt to copy their products. This suit is really interesting not only because the two players are the heavy hitters in the industry, but also because Samsung is a major supplier of components for Apple products. More recently though, the case took another unexpected turn as Samsung counter-sued Apple for infringements on Samsung patents and intellectual property.

While the specifics of the Samsung case are not readily apparent, it is clear that the Apple case has thrown Samsung on the defensive. Apple’s case against them is fairly strong, and could be damaging to Samsung down the road. In response to that threat, it looks as if Samsung is trying to prevent further intrusion into their product line by suing Apple in order to protect a number of their designs. By doing this, Samsung ensures that they can maintain rights to several of their products. Even if they do not win this case, by filing it will likely allow them to maintain rights to their products for slightly longer.

The other possible reason for the Samsung counter-suit is that they simply want to tie up the process in court as long as possible. It is clear that Apple has a strong case against them, and they may just want to delay the inevitable for as long as possible. That would cost a boatload in legal fees, but may save them money in the long-run.

Whatever happens, it should be very interesting to see the end result. If Apple loses the initial case, you may see a whole lot more iPhone-esque products around. If Apple wins though, it should be interesting to see how the working relationship between the two companies ends up.

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