Apple will never combine OS X and iOS

OS X Mountain Lion has over 100 new features, many of which came from iOS.

Does this mean that Apple will combine the Mac & iOS platforms?


Mac learns from iOS, but will not become it

Tim Cook:

“Anywhere where that makes sense, we are going to move that over to Mac.”

If it doesn’t make sense, it won’t get moved over.

WHY: Steve Jobs’ legacy

Apple has always focused on making software and hardware work well together.

OS X can’t be iOS because the hardware is fundamentally different. You can’t make the software the same until the hardware is basically the same.

When creating the iPhone, Steve Jobs told his team to “create the first phone that people would fall in love with.” (Bob Borschers via Apple Insider)

The goal isn’t to make computers more mobile. It’s to make products that people love.

Think different, work together.

Apple isn’t combining iOS and Mac, Apple is uniting them. There is a difference.

Though each device is different, they work beautifully together. Especially with things like iCloud and AirPlay.

Having an iPhone is great. An iPhone + AppleTV is better. An iPhone + iPad + Mac + AppleTV is even better.

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It’s about devices working well together, not about being the same.

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