Apple’s 1984 Commercial, Part 2

Wow, okay, so I watched the Super Bowl last night (as I’m sure most of America did) and couldn’t help but notice that the Motorola Xoom commercial was an awful lot like Apple’s famous commercial 1984 (as I’m sure most of America realized as well).  If you don’t know what the 1984 is, check it out.

Now, if you didn’t happen to see the Motorola Xoom commercial, please watch it and compare with 1984.

Some may say that this was a bit cheap of Motorola to make an obvious imitation of such a famous ad as 1984, but I thought it was quite brilliant.  The original 1984 video was about breaking away from Big Brother and thinking as an individual (as a core message).  It seems that in many ways, Apple has become the big brother of today.  Motorola would obviously agree with this statement, seeing as how everyone in their commercial for the Xoom was wearing white and had iPod headphones in.  Which seems pretty characteristic of our society today –I personally see a lot of people with the white iPod headphones in nearly everywhere I go.

What do you think about this video?  Think Motorola is in over their heads challenging Apple like this?

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  • Dan Fugate

    I’m an Apple user but I thought that the commercial was brilliant for the exact reasons that you stated in your blog. Actually, the first time I saw the Xoom commercial I thought that it was going to be for the iPad 2.

  • Beblieux

    Excellent catch! You really know your stuff. I thought the Motorola commercial was great and good for them for challenging Apple.

  • Joshua Howland

    In what way has Apple become big brother? In their 10% market shart of computers? Or their 16% market share of phones? I would still say that the majority of people still don’t own anything by apple, and moreso, apple is considered hipster and niche by a lot of people. They may get a lot of tech news headlies, but Apple doesn’t have near the market share ownership that Microsoft has in PCs or Google has in search in anything but iPods. Which, everyone was listening to in the commercial. So the point of the commercial is Apple is the bug brother of iPods, buy our tablet? Motorola is reaching. The only customers this commercial will resonate with is the tech pundits and blog readers. To the bulk of consumers, Apple isn’t the big brother that Motorola is suggesting.

    • Rob Daman

      When new smart phones come out, they compare them to iPhones. When new tablets come out they’re compared to iPads. So it may not be the biggest share but it makes a huge impact. Look at iTunes. Pretty big there too.