Apple’s iAds

Several months ago, Apple decided to give mobile advertising a serious makeover by creating iAds. iAds are Apple’s way of taking advertising  to a new level by combining the “emotion of TV, the interactivity of digital, and the power of mobility.”

Apple claims that iAds are the future for brand advertising. They believe that iAds can tap into the Apple audience more than regular mobile marketing by reaching millions of loyal iPod and iPhone users worldwide.

iAd advertising stands out from just your normal banner or pop-up ads because Apple’s theory involves engaging, entertaining, and informing the users through a campaign that will create an interactive experience between your brand and your consumer.

Apple has done iAds for big companies like, BMW, Dove and Nissan. Campbell’s, which was one of the first adopters of the iAd technology, has already seen results. According to a study conducted by Nielsen, those who were exposed to the Campbell’s iAds were twice as likely recall them than those who had seen a television ad. The Nielsen’s study also concluded that participants in the study reported to be  four times more likely to purchase Campbell’s products more than the TV group.

So why isn’t every brand moving to iAds? Probably because Apple is asking for $1 million minimum for an entry fee. Yikes!

Needless to say, it looks like this is the direction mobile marketing is heading. Is the idea of companies and brands being more interactive and present on your mobile device a good thing? Or is this just another way for advertisers to bombard your personal space? Either way, I guess will have to get used to it.


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