Apple’s iPad Mini Price Will Come In Competitively Despite Reports Otherwise

AllThingsD is reporting that the new iPad Mini will be priced above the competition. The post has the feeling of a controlled leak on the part of Apple. Remember when Wall Street Journal reported the first generation iPad would cost $999? This feels a lot like that leak.

The message of the post attempts to answer the question:

Will Apple match or undercut the price of the smaller tablets already on the market? Or will it price the so-called iPad mini as it sees fit, paying little mind to its competitors?

There have been countless leaks of the upcoming iPad Mini. You can find rumor roundups online that should help you get an idea of the way you can expect it to look, and weigh, and feel in your hands. You can even check out the roundup I published earlier.

As far as price goes, the rumors are all coming from analysts. I understand that the Wall Street Journal takes analysts seriously. However in my experience they are wrong way more often than they are right. So I don’t care much for a ‘Consensus on the Street’.

The fact that AllThingsD published this article in advance of the iPad Mini event gives credence to one of two theories: 1) Apple is going to price the iPad at a higher tranche, and wants to set expectations, or 2) Apple has given AllThingsD a controlled leak hoping to surprise the media when they come in at the same price as competitors.

Put me down for #2. Apple is going to price the lowest priced iPad Mini at either $199 or $249. The $329 price everyone is waving around online actually confirms that $199 number for me. It makes sense that a $130 bump due to LTE on the 10” iPad would also exist for an iPad Mini. If the $330 price exists in any sales systems, that justifies a $199 price point.

Watch out for a market smashing low price from Apple, because that’s what I think is coming.

Joshua Howland

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