Apple’s iPad Recycling Program

With the introduction of the iPad 3, it’s no wonder Apple is now offering trade-ins. If you plan on ordering the new iPad online, you won’t find a link to an upgrade or trade-in offer. Instead you will need to visit Apple’s Reuse and Recycle page. There the iPad has been integrated into the program so that customers can choose to turn in the original and iPad 2.

Apple’s recycling program is very simple, and allows users to sell their outdated device or recycle them properly (if they are in bad condition). First customers must answer a series of questions to assess the current value of their device. Then Apple will give an estimate, the customer will ship out the device, and receive an Apple Gift Card (store credit) in return. If the device is no longer functional, Apple will make sure to recycle it the right way to give customer peace of mind.

However, if you want cold hard cash for your old device there are other options. Currently, Gazelle can net customers $350 for a maxed out iPad 2 ($30 more than Apple), Nextworth is offering $220 for a 16 GB iPad 2 ($15 more than Apple), and eBay is selling 32 GB iPad 2 for $420. So hurry up and list that tablet before prices change!

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