Apple’s New Employee Discount Is Now Active

Early January marked an exciting time for Apple employees. Not only were they enjoying tuition assistance, access to the latest Mac gadgets, and a legendary employee cafeteria, but CEO Tim Cook brought an even better offering to the table. Starting June 2012, Apple employees now receive $500 off new Macs and $250 off of new iPads. The discount is only obtainable by Apple employees who have worked for the company for at least 90 days, and can only be used once every three years.

The new discounts are tacked onto the existing 25% discount that Apple employees currently enjoy, but has not included such popular items as the Mac mini or Retina display MacBook Pro. On top of the discount, Tim Cook fulfilled another promise in the form of a three-month advance on salary raises. Apple’s work force was previously scheduled to receive raises in September, but was bumped to the end of June as a one-time benefit.

Overall, Apple’s recent employee benefits have helped to keep its reputation for impeccable design, fantastic service and spectacular revenues alive. In fact, last year the company’s global stores took in more money per square foot than any other U.S. retailer, and almost doubled that of the No. 2 retailer, Tiffany and Co. Worldwide its stores have sold $16 billion in merchandise, so I think it’s safe to say Apple has some leg room to show their appreciation for their employees.

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