Apple’s Secret Weapon in iOS 6: Photo Stream

Today, Apple released iOS 6 on the world. They also, right under your nose, turned on the largest photo-sharing social network in the world, and you probably never saw it coming. If you’re an iOS user, regardless of which specific device, and if you love to take and share photos, you’ll find this an intriguing read.

This might be oversimplifying a little, but if we look at it purely by the numbers, iOS and Shared Photo Streams would be the third-largest social network in the world, only behind Facebook and Twitter. If we call it what it really is, a photo-sharing, niche social network, it’s by far the largest. Instagram just passed 100 million users last month. iOS and Shared Photo Streams are starting, on day one, today, with four times that many users.

And therein lies the rub.

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