Apps for Your Kids

Giving your toddler your brand new $499 iPad or $299 Android device may not seem like the best way to entertain your little one. If you have gotten pass this fear here are a few ways to keep them entertained without them messing with data on your device.

Kid Mode: This app has been the best app on Android to keep your kids entertained with out them accessing any other part of you phone. While this app is also on iOS its functions are very limited. Android allows for you to place a Child Lock on your phone so that kids cannot push home or back to leave the app. The only way to leave the app is by following the instructions on the main menu to draw a Z to leave the app or to type in your birth year.

The rest of the app offers lots of kid friendly videos, paint mode, story book, and also access to only previously selected apps from you phone. iOS, Android

Where’s My Water: A simple app that has you use water to collect 3 ducks and then get the water to Swampy so he can have his shower. iOS, Android

i Write Words: If your kid is starting to learn letters and numbers this series of apps allows them to write the words in a fun way that teaches them correct ways to draw letters. iOS

Have you found any other useful apps that keep you kids entertained? What are you favorite ways to protect your devices before you hand them over to those sticky fingers.

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