Are QR Codes Worthless?

I’ve been having a debate inside my head lately about QR codes and whether or not they’re completely worthless.  Sure, it’s a cool idea- scan this code with your smartphone and receive more information, coupons, special deals, whatever.  But not everyone knows what a QR code is.  Many people will recognize a QR code since they’ve seen them before but they don’t know what they’re for.  And not everyone has a smartphone…let alone having a QR code-scanning app on said smartphone.

It just seems to me that QR codes are perhaps a bit ahead of their time.  Until people become more aware of what they are and that they need a scanning app in order to read the code, I don’t see QR codes becoming a big thing any time soon.

And yet they are heavily used-you see them on a variety of different packaging for products, on billboards/posters, even on clothing.  I don’t think it’s necessarily a case of companies and businesses being slow to adopt them, I think the primary problem lies with the consumer.  People don’t know what they are and don’t know how to use them.

What do you think of QR codes?  Think they’re a good idea or should the whole thing be scrapped?  Sound off below.

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