Arrested Development’s “Fakeblock” App Now Available For iOS And Android

Stair car. Never nude. Banana stand. Candy beans.

If any of these items are remotely familiar, you can consider yourself an Arrested Development fan. The popular television show that was cancelled after its third season in 2006, much to the sadness and confusion of critics and fans alike, regained steam over the years that followed as the show aired on Netflix and other online streaming services. The show, in streaming form, was so popular that Netflix commissioned season 4 to be produced which aired late in May 2013.

True to its design, season 4 was no stranger to inside jokes including “hot mess” and “FakeBlock.”


If you haven’t seen season 4, quickly turn off your computer and put it in a closet for two hours because the following is a spoiler.

In season 4, George Michael (Michael Cera) reluctantly leads people along that he is creating an “anti-social” network to rival Facebook and other popular online services by offering extreme privacy. In reality, the program (known as “FakeBlock”) is really just a the best digital woodblock instrument app around. Netflix blurred the line between fantasy and reality by releasing “FakeBlock” for real in the iOS app store.

The app not only lives true to its calling in life (make a noise when you tap it) but depending on how many times you tap it, you can unlock clips and images from the series to share online. The app is pointless but a fun piece of digital lore.

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