ASUS Announces Second Generation Padfone

This week has been all about tablet announcements. The Surface became available for preorder, the iPad Mini announcements were sent out, and ASUS didn’t want to miss out.

The ASUS Padfone Boost

The ASUS Padfone got an all-around spec boost for the second generation. The display for the phone was increased to a Super IPS+ display (1280 x 720 resolution) and a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor. Unfortunately the Padfone 2 will launch with Ice Cream Sandwich, and ASUS has promised it will be updated to Jelly Bean soon.

Pricing and launch

The device will be launched before the end of the year all over the world. It seems like anywhere except the US. The press release says they will announce other countries launch dates at a later time.

Although official pricing for the U.S. wasn’t announced, ASUS revealed it will start selling the Padfone 2 starting at about $620 for a 16GB model. Bundles that include the Padfone 2 Station will cost about $200 extra.

If you’re sad about the end of Motorola Webtop the Asus Padfone might be the answer for you.

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