Asus VivoTab Windows 8 meets the Transformer

The Windows 8 OS was made for a tablet and optional keyboard dock. It’s unsurprising then that ASUS has taken it’s Transformer Android product and made an even more powerful Windows device: ASUS TivoTab RT.

What’s most important in the Windows world? VGA Ports? Nay; it is, of course, USB ports on tablets. So the new TivoTab comes with a couple. That will allow you to plug in a thumb drive and drag and drop files just as you would on a PC. The marvels of modern computing.

Obviously I jest. The most important characteristic of a device in the Windows world is the ability to run Office. The device comes with Office 2013 Home & Student edition. The apps have been modified a bit to run on a RT tablet, but they should suit your needs.

It has a 10-inch Super IPS+ display with claimed 178-degree viewing angles and a 600-nit brightness rating. Other tried-and-true specs include a quad-core Tegra 3 chip; an 8-megapixel, autofocusing rear camera capable of recording 1080p video; SonicMaster audio; and long battery life — in this case, up to nine hours for the tablet and up to seven for the keyboard dock. At 8.3mm thick and 1.2 pounds, it’s also about as thin as any Transformer Pad. Lastly the VivoTab has NFC — something you won’t find on any of ASUS’s older slates.

As with the Surface, touch events are met, at times, with the dreaded ‘L’ word: lag. Many of the reviewers of Windows 8 RT devices are complaining about tapping on buttons and swiping and not getting what they asked for. The VivoTab also boots a bit slower than other Windows 8 RT devices (including the Surface) at about 30 seconds.

The VivoTab runs Office. It’s “exceptionally light and easy to hold”. It has the tablet level battery life and camera we’ve come to love and hate (respectively). There aren’t many apps yet – but you didn’t expect that there would be apps. If you can deal with the unspeakable lag, or believe that Microsoft and ASUS will eventually make things better, this is a top level choice for a Windows 8 RT tablet.

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