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Protection For The iPhone 5S And 5C Is Essential

The following is a Guest Post by Jesse Wojdylo. Smartphone users throughout the world know how damaging it can be to drop an iPhone. Although the iPhone is very durable it cannot withstand all types of impact. From personal experience, I know that living without an iPhone, or any smartphone, can be a difficult task [...]

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Google+ vs. Facebook: Is There Really a Battle?

For a while now, Facebook has been the face of social networks.  With over 600 million users, Facebook is the standard for social networks.  On Tuesday, Google announced its own social network, Google+.  So, of course comparisons to Facebook were quickly the focus of discussion.  Google+ has taken several of the positives of Facebook and [...]


Get Rid of Your Remote Controls

Walk into pretty much any home and look on the coffee table or entertainment center.  You will likely notice an various assortment of remote controls.  Whether it is a television, gaming system, DVD or Blu-Ray player or sound system, seemingly every type of technology is controlled by it’s own remote control.  With a smartphone, all [...][1]

New Study: E-readers More Popular Than Tablets

Ads for tablets are everywhere.  The Apple iPad is a household name.  Everyone has heard about it.  But, as it turns out, that popularity does not translate into sales.  According to a new study performed by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, e-readers like’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook are more popular [...]


Forget Paperwork, Scan Your Palm Instead

We all hate paperwork.  It is tedious and time consuming.  We never know why we need to give out so much information.  We don’t want to give out all of our personal information.  Hospitals can be the worst.  When we go in to get help, we have to spend way too much time filling out [...]


Nintendo May be Trumped Again

At last weeks E3 Expo in Los Angeles, Nintendo announced the Wii U.  Nintendo is using the Wii U to attempt to keep pace with Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox.  However it was announced that the Wii U will be lacking an important feature that has become standard on all other gaming systems.  The Wii [...]


From Kobe Bryant to 3D, Sony was busy at the E3 Expo

At the recent E3 Expo in Los Angeles, Sony announced the PlayStation Vita.  As exciting as that announcement was, there were other highlights from Sony’s press conference.  From televisions to video games and even the recent hack of the PlayStation Network, let’s take a look at what we learned. Of course, the biggest question everyone [...]


Say Hello to the PlayStation Vita

In the gaming world, one of the biggest questions people have is what’s next?  With technology always changing and improving, consumers want the next and best product available.  That was on of the major questions posed to Sony at this year’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles.  The answer is the PlayStation Vita.  The Vita is [...]

Nintendo announced the Wii U controller at the E3 Expo

Introducing the Wii U

On Tuesday, Nintendo announced the the prototype of the Wii U during a press conference at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles.  While this is still only a prototype, Nintendo is certain that the Wii U will change gaming. The Wii U is similar to a giant android phone.  It has all of the inner [...]


iPads in the cockpit

In the past months, we have heard a lot of news about the iPad, especially with the release of the iPad 2.  It seems that we will keep hearing about it for the foreseeable future.  The iPad is starting to be integrated into more and more professions.  It was recently announced that Apple Inc. has been granted [...]

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