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“Smart Headlights” may make driving in rain or snow a lot safer

Fall is upon us and in several places around the country, Fall means goodbye sun and hello rain and eventually in some places,  snow. And as predictable as the change in weather is the fact that there will be a handful of nights that will include some difficult and cautious driving. Does there have to [...]


This is Now! allows you to see what is being Instagrammed in specific geographic areas

We all love Instagram. Its fun to follow friends, celebs, companies, brands and more. And, besides being fun, its instant. We can see what is going on with people right now. What about being able to follow a place and see what is going on in a specific location at any given time? With This [...]


3D printer helps girl move her arms for the first time

Emma was born with AMC (arthrogryposis multiplex congenita), a rare defect that affected her limbs with extreme muscle weakness and made it impossible for her to interact or play in a normal way. Thankfully, 3D printing from Stratasys changed all of that. Watch Emma’s incredible story here:


Seelio strives to connect students and employers in a unique and creative way

It’s no secret that the job market hasn’t been great lately and in any job environment it can be overwhelming to think about how you can distinguish yourself from others with similar skills to make yourself the most attractive to employers. This is especially true for students seeking their first jobs out of school. Luckily, [...]


LearnVest helps women live their richest financial lives in a fun and unique digital way

Win a trip for 4 to San Diego to see Carrie Underwood in concert! We all know that the digital surge in recent years has affected everything from reading and learning to how we pay, diet, communicate, and even work. But what about digital finances? Several sites and services have popped up in the last [...]

Street Bump

This app senses potholes and automatically reports them to be repaired

I think everyone can agree that potholes are annoying. They can be hard to spot, hard to avoid and hard to believe they’ll ever get patched. If you had an app on your phone that you could use to report potholes to city officials, would you? Let’s just assume that might be considered too much [...]


London Eye set to use Twitter to dazzle with the “world’s first social media light show”

Win a trip for 4 to San Diego to see Carrie Underwood in concert! With the Olympics only days away, the techies on a barge floating near the London Eye are all geared up to visually and colorfully display the nation’s feelings during the games using an algorithm that pulls data from Twitter. Check out [...]


Don’t have time to read something you see on Twitter? Put it in Pocket.

If you’re not using pocket you probably should be. The truth is that the majority of us scroll through our favorite Twitter platform and just get the headlines, I know I do. But that’s whats great about things like Twitter! All the information we care about in small bite-sized and personalized pieces. But what do [...]


Could this high tech touchscreen be used in the cockpit of the future?

Ever since we were small and took our first flights, we’ve stared in wonder at all of the knobs and switches, buttons and dials in the airplane’s cockpit. Who could understand all of that? In recent years, aviation has been the target of much tech speculation, it’s only natural that tech would make it’s way [...]


Prototype glove allows sign language communication through an app

Three Ukranian students have come up with a truly astounding invention – a glove that uses flex sensors to allow hearing impaired people to use sign language to communicate with others through an app. The glove is easy to use and even easier to produce and has the potential to be a  life changing product [...]

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