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Apps for Your Kids

Giving your toddler your brand new $499 iPad or $299 Android device may not seem like the best way to entertain your little one. If you have gotten pass this fear here are a few ways to keep them entertained without them messing with data on your device. Kid Mode: This app has been the [...]

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Eye-Fi The Solution to Organize All Your Photos

I have a phone, my wife has a phone, and we have a few other devices that we like to take pictures with around the house. Over the last few months we have taken many pictures our baby and she has been trying to digitally scrapbook them so that these precious memories can be stored [...]


Wake Up On Time With Sleep as Android

Did you wake up to your obnoxious alarm today feeling less than rested? Do you feel like your sleep is being interrupted every morning? Sleep as Android is the perfect application for you. This application will help you set an alarm and it will learn how you sleep, then wake you up with an alarm depending on the [...]


Can Angry Birds Resurrect the PlayBook?

The PlayBook has not been hit it was hoping for wth its low hardware sales. Tonight I saw it at Staples for only $199, this is a drop from its original price of $499. The tablet had the specs and the potential to be great but its beginning price and lack of apps made it [...]

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Family Techie

Well it really is down to the last few hours before Christmas is here. Here is a list of a few items to complete the stocking of your special someone or the techie in your family. Since shipping an item is not going to get here you will want to check out local kiosks and [...]


Hasbro Sues ASUS for Naming of Transformer Prime

In a world of so many Android devices it hard to come up with a really good name that stands out above the others. ASUS certainly has felt that way its Transformer series and its newest tablets name, the Transformer Prime. Hasbro is now in the process of suing them because of their use of [...]

iPhone Dock for Goliath

This iPhone Dock Weighs 700 LBS. And Costs $30,000

If you have already bought yourself a desk speaker dock for your iPhone this holiday season, I would suggest that you enjoy it and keep it for a long time. For those of you that are still in the market for one and like to be more risky may I suggest you wait and get [...]


Roku Releases Official iPhone App and Software Updates

Roku has been hard at work to release a powerful update that will please many Roku 2 users. The update is for all Roku 2 devices and the new LT version. Here is the change log for version 4.2. Support for more games Mobile support MKV playback support on Roku 2 XS Improved Wi-Fi performance [...]


iPhone MiniDock: Leave the Cord at Home

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for a product like this for a long time. It is simply genius. Introducing the MiniDock by Bluelounge! This MiniDock means you can ditch the cord and but not only that but this mount allows your phone making it easy to view and use while it [...]

Juice for Roku App

Juice for Roku, A Step in the Right Direction

Currently I own a pretty awesome 36″ 200 lb. tube TV. The TV was a hand me down that works as good as it did the day it was opened 15 or so years ago. Two problems I have with the TV is that it is 200 lbs. and that it of course does not [...]

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