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Luxogram gives you your Instagram on the web (post by @brettbristow22)

Instagram has recently gained millions of new users with the release of the Android app. If you are one of them, or even a veteran iPhone user, you have probably wondered how to see your stream of photos online. Luxogram provides you with the ability to use many of the interactive and social elements of Instagram on [...]

Wi-Fi Usage

Republic Wireless: $20 unlimited smartphone plan coming soon

Convincing someone that they need to pay for a smartphone plan is not always the easiest thing to to. They either may not see the need of all the extra apps, or simply paying the data and texting plan does not fit in their budget. Republic Wireless is working to build a system that provides [...]

Acne Enhancing Lights

Tech of the Weird: Pink “Loitering Lights” Enhance Acne

You and your friends go to the same local hangout that you have gone to for years. Suddenly your realize you have hideous friends and you choose the break up the group or leave and go back to your dark home. This is what the hopes are for a community in South Wales that is [...]

Google Car Image

Blind man gets to be first test driver of Google Car

In 2010 Google started showing off their progress with autonomous self driving cars. So far these cars have driven more than 200,000 miles. During these test drives each car has a driver in the front seat to monitor and make sure that all is running smoothly. In all those miles they have only experienced one accident and it was only because [...]

ZAGG PhotoPad for iPad

Photo editing apps for your iPad

A high resolution screen and a 5MP camera gives the iPad a big advantage in creating and viewing photos on a tablet. You may not find the rear camera useful in many cases but at least it is there if you need to use it. You can use the Camera Connection Kit and sync with [...]

Pre-Crime Becomes Reality

Straight Out Of Minority Report: Pre-Crime detection system being tested

When Minority Report was first released it created a status of what things could be like in the future. From touchscreen windows to electric autopilot cars we are ever trying to create futuristic tech. The plot of the movie revolves around this police force and how they have the ability to solve a crime before [...]

Chad’s Broken iPad

Getting the most out of your Apple products warranty

Buying a new product often comes with many extra products to protect the device. Keep your product clean and in one piece is always on the mind in case you decide to resell or upgrade one day. Sometimes there are things that happen that you just cannot fix or change the outcome of problems. Apple [...]

Raspberry Pi Computer

Raspberry Pi: The $35, credit card size computer that plays 1080p

You own a computer. If you don’t believe me then how are you reading this? It may be big or it may fit in the palm of your hand. It has many different capabilities but you had to pay a fair amount of money to be able to use such capabilities. Raspberry Pi is a Linux [...]

Facebook Messenger for Windows

Facebook Messenger, Windows client now available

Facebook is doing its part to make sure that its messaging service is the next big thing. In this effort they have released a Windows client that will allow you to have multiple Facebook Chat conversations going at once without having to open your browser. The Facebook Messenger client is currently only available for Windows [...]

Android Voice Search vs. iPhone Siri

Google Voice Actions vs. Siri

For years every phone company has been working hard to create a phone that will compete with the iPhone. If they can’t compete with the iPhone then they create some feature that the iPhone doesn’t have to give it a more appealing look and niche advantage. Sprint has made some phone commercials in the past [...]

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