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Will the world accept an Android competitor to the iPod touch?

Samsung has been working hard to provide customers with every product that they can think of. They have created products that range from a 10.1″ tablet to a 5.3″ smartphone. In their most recent product release they have released a competitor to the iPod touch. Specs The device is a 3.6″ touch screen with a resolution [...]

Apple’s Audit Information

Apple adds Foxconn audit info to website

Apple has kept silent about many of the happenings at the Foxconn manufacturing plant for many years. The plants were first put in the spotlight after there were many suicides on location from workers jumping from the buildings as well as factory explosions. Recently Apple allowed Nightline into the Foxconn facilities to see exactly what [...]

Finding a AirPrint Printer

Printing from an iOS device? Here are your options

AirPrint gives your iOS device such as the iPad and iPhone the ability to print directly from the OS. The problem with AirPrint is that it does not allow you to use with older printers that are not built for AirPrint. Here are 3 different solutions that you can use to easily print to a [...]

Convert your DVDs at Walmart

Convert your DVDs at Walmart to a Vudu digital copy

Walmart has teamed up with UltraViolet to help you easily digitize you DVD library. This is all done through VUDU’s Disc to Digital. You take your DVDs into Walmart, they record what titles you have and then link them to your free VUDU account. You choose what resolution you want, pay, take your DVDs home [...]

Robin checks in at the Batcave

Win Latitude Leaderboards with auto check-ins (post by @brettbristow22)

So you have checked into Foursquare and challenged your friends in check-in points game. For the first week it is fun and entertaining until you completely forget the app even exists. Google has created a Leaderboard of its own and will help you easily keep your check-ins up to date and private. The Leaderboard function [...]

Rooting your Android phone

Should you root your Android phone?

You have heard about it many times but you still may not be 100% sure on what it is for. Here is a quick guide to some of the benefits that you  get when you root your Android phone. Installing Custom ROMs When you purchase your Android phone it usually comes with a skin that [...]

Amazon VOD Blu-ray Digital Copy Combo Ghost Protocol

3 options to consider when purchasing movies (post by @brettbristow22)

Purchasing a movie is not a new thing. You have you probably still have tons of VHS still sitting in your basement. Your taste in movies hasn’t really change and so all your have to worry about is what format you buy your favorites in. From the DVD to Blu-ray it is clear the video [...]

Apple seeks to kill Blu-ray

Will Apple ever support Blu-ray? (post by @brettbristow2)

Apple is pushing iCloud like it is the best service that has ever been created. With everything in the cloud it seems like they are trying to get rid of all physically produced media content. First they got rid of the CD with iTunes, then they release iBooks to get rid of printed books as well as text books, [...]

iPad Data Plans

Which iPad data plan is the best?

The new iPad 3 is being released today with some cool iPad 3 accessories a new screen, new camera and new network capabilities. While many don’t understand why the first two really matter, having the ability to have LTE stands out as a huge upgrade. In the US it will be released on Verizon and AT&T, [...]

PlayBook 2.0

PlayBook OS 2.0, how to make it usable

It has been about a month since RIM released its update to the BlackBerry PlayBook. OS 2.0 came with a list of changes that made the tablet much more useful for consumers and business users alike. With the new update they have now added a e-mail client along with a calendar and contacts app. These [...]

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