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iTunes Digital Copies in iCloud

iTunes Digital Copy shows up in iCloud purchases

At the Apple event last week they briefly went over the updated Apple TV and announced that Movies and TV Shows that you have purchased will now be available through iCloud. At first hearing this it all makes but there seems to be a lot to it when you look into it. For years movie [...]

Galaxy SII Ice Cream Sandwich

When will Ice Cream Sandwich be released for Galaxy S II phones?

Since the announcement of Ice Cream Sandwich in October of 2011 it has been a race to see which phone manufacturer will be the first one to get the update to their devices. Until last week the race was still on for Android phones. Samsung announced last week that it will release the Ice Cream [...]

The new iPad price Wi-Fi LTE

How much does the new iPad cost?

The iPad 1 was released to the market with the very competitive price of $499 for the 16GB version. You could then double the amount of storage for $100 or you could add 3G for $130. For the last 3 years this price has not change and neither did it with the new iPad. The [...]

Speech Jammer

SpeechJammer gun stops those awkward office conversations

If it seems like you are never able to get a word in when you are will your group of friends a solution has finally been created. There is now no need to stay quite and wait for your turn to talk. All you need to do is pint the SoundJammer toward them and pull [...]

Facebook poll, new iPad name

What is the new iPad called?

Over the last week we sent out a poll about what you thought the next iPad would be called. From many other Facebook posts to blog article rumors everyone was pretty set on it being call the iPad 3 or the iPad HD. What do we call the new iPad? Apple had the event and [...]

Is the new iPad 1080p

Facts about the new iPad retina display

So when you see the words HD, how High Definition can it really be? The new iPad has the highest resolution on any tablet ever. The iPad 2 had a screen resolution of 1024×768 at 136 pixels per inch (ppi), the new iPad has a resolution of 2048×1536 at 264 ppi. That is 3.1 million [...]

Apple TV 3rd Generation

The new Apple TV: What they aren’t telling you

Since 2010, when the 2nd generation Apple TV was announced, many have speculated about Apple releasing a game changing TV that would have Siri integration and change the TV industry forever. At yesterday’s Apple event, that revolutionary TV, of course, was not released. Apple did tell us that the new box can stream 1080p and [...]

Friendsheet for Facebook

Friendsheet turns Facebook photos into a Pinterest stream

A new Facebook app allows you to easily see your friends photos in a new and intuitive way. It doesn’t take long to realize that the pictures have taken the form of a Pinterest feed. Not only does the page layout look identical to Pinterest but it also uses the same three functions for each [...]

Screen Shot 2012-02-27 at 10.12.33 PM

Smart Babies Using Smart Devices

Do you have a baby who is well versed in navigating and using the iPad? They could become the next big star on the hit blog, Babies With iPads. The blog currently has 10 pages of youngsters kickin’ it with their fancy tablets. The creators of the blog have not only found adorable pictures but they have [...]

iPad 3 Picture

Official: iPad 3 Event on March 7th (With Picture)!

We have finally received word from Apple that they will be holding an event on March 7 at 10 am. As shown above they have provided us with a fantastic picture of exactly what we have all been waiting for. Though the picture only shows a date, gorgeous screen, and little about the rest of the [...]

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