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iPhone TV Ads

AdWeek Tells The Story Behind 84 iPhone Ads

TBWA has been the longtime creator of Apple’s well known ads. From the “Get a Mac” campaign to the current iPad ads they have produced hundreds of videos showcasing Apple devices. From the very first teaser ad to the iPhone shown below to the most recent iPhone 4S ads we have all seen a majority of them. [...]


Google’s purchase of Motorola is approved, then they replace CEO

Months ago, the news arrived the Google was in process to purchase Motorola Mobility and that it was just waiting government approval.  The purchased has now been approved but is now just waiting for a few final countries to approve the decision. With this purchase, it gives Google a way to manufacture specific phones the way they [...]

spiderman gloves

Real life tech from Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible 4 really made me feel like I was in the future. Awesome tech was used to help them to save the world. After thinking about it, I realized the tech they used was not far off from what exists today. DARPA is currenlty developing a contact lens that allows the user to have [...]

iPad Touchscreen Keyboard

Was Steve Jobs wrong about a keyboard-less tablet?

Would you like a keyboard with that? One of the mind puzzling questions for millions that have purchased their iPads is, “How do I use this effectively without a physical keyboard?” While the iPad has a high quality touchscreen it seems like more people are looking for an external keyboard to use as a companion with their [...]


This is the PlayStation Vita

Image Source PlayStation brings us the latest and fastest technology in it’s new mobile gaming device, the PS Vita. As a successor the the PSP the Vita comes with many new and never before scene features. The main specs are a 5″ OLED screen which produces up to 16 million colors, a quad-core ARM processor, [...]

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The hidden features of Mac OS X Preview

For years I have owned my Mac and thought that because of its name, Preview was only able to open up PDF files and view pictures. After a bit of playing around I learned it can do much much more. For starters, Preview is able to open most pictures formats and all PDFs. You can [...]

Intalling programs on a flash drive

A program you need but never thought existed: PortableApps

Every once in a while you find a program that you need but you never thought it existed. Recently, I had the need to install Google Chrome on a computer that would not allow me to install any additional software. As I began a search of how I could get Chrome to work on my [...]


Google Docs for Android Adds Rich Text Formatting & Live Collaboration

The wait is finally over and it was well worth it. Today Google released an update to its Google Docs app that is available for Android phones and tablets. The app now allows for rich text formatting and much more. As you can see in the pic on the left they have also added the [...]

Tab Overview Chrome

Mission Control Like Tab Browsing in Chrome?

Google Chrome is always full of new surprises. This week I found this little gem that is sure to please a few. One of my features of Lion is Mission Control which allows you to see all your open programs at once. This feature started out as Expose but now is widely used because of the multi-touch [...]

Tax Refund

TurboTax And H&R Block Want You To File Your Taxes With Your Smartphone

Its that time of year again and it will be April 15th before we know it. Many of us dread the time and effort that it takes to find all of our tax documents and complete our yearly tax refund. Tax companies that provide programs for you to easily complete your taxes on your own [...]

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