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comcast pricing cap

Comcast Testing Different Pricing For Heavy Bandwidth Users

Comcast is the nations largest cable internet provider, and has come under fire for new plans to manage bandwidth capacity. Since 2008, Comcast has had a soft bandwidth cap of 250GB per month, which raised to 300GB in May. Comcast is currently testing two pricing structures for overages: Bump all plans to 300GB and charge [...]

amazon lockers

Amazon Lockers Provide Secure Delivery Spot for Your Goods

Amazon has been expanding their secure locker delivery service with new lockers in Silicon Valley, New York, and London. The idea behind the service? Give customers the option to have products delivered to secure lockers instead of their home. Here’s the Amazon Locker service in action: It is clearly still a pilot program, and it [...]


UNC Charlotte Tests Full 3D Emergency Response App

Charlotte police officers in full SWAT gear held a training on the University of North Carolina campus to test a custom application called the Effective Emergency Response Communication System (EERC). The app connects to a “command center” that can display where all police officers are, where the emergency is, and communicate a plan of action [...]

amazon instant video

Amazon Instant Video Now Available on the iPad

Amazon Prime members have long enjoyed Amazon’s library of free streaming content on Amazon Instant Video, and they now have one more way to watch their content – on the iPad. The Amazon Instant Video app is available on iTunes. The app promises access to over 120,000 video titles available from the Amazon Instant Video [...]

republic wireless

Republic Wireless Offers Unlimited Cell Plan for $19/mo

Republic Wireless made a splash in November after announcing an unlimited data, text, and voice cell phone plan for only $19/mo off contract. They’ve made it through their first beta group which began in May, and they are opening up the beta to the next wave of applicants. New users of the small wireless carrier [...]

radioshack 3

Check out RadioShack’s catalog from a decade ago

Jon Bols at Progressive Boink posted a fantastic piece revisiting a RadioShack product catalog from a decade ago, inviting us to join him as he ‘cackles at these things with the unfair benefit of hindsight’. CueCat He first notes the CueCat, an experiment of the early 2000s similar to QR codes, but worse. A user [...]

16GB Google Nexus 7 is Back In Stock

16GB Google Nexus 7 is Back In Stock

After selling out just over a week ago, Google’s 16GB Nexus 7 tablet is back in stock on the Google Play store. Google announced the Nexus 7 in June at the annual Google I/O conference along with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The tablet features a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1GB of RAM, and a 1280×800 [...]

lost photos

Recover Your Long Forgotten Pictures From Email With Lost Photos

Lost Photos is a beautifully designed app that fills a very niche, likely one-time, need. After downloading, simply open the app, log in to your email, and click ‘Find My Photos!’ Lost Photos then digs through your entire e-mail history and downloads every image attachment. You can then import into iPhoto, upload to Photo Stream, [...]

google glasses

Facebook Investor Tells Eric Schmidt ‘Google is Out of Ideas’

Google is often regarded as the tech company willing to try anything in the name of science and technology. It is that ‘try-anything’ attitude that has brought about Gmail, Google Glass, and self-driving cars. That’s why many were surprised at the jabs by PayPal founder and prolific Silicon Valley investor Peter Theil towards Google’s Eric [...]

little masters

Hey Pokemon fans, an iOS app just for you is on its way

I was a Pokemaster growing up. Twice, in fact. Once in elementary school when I got all 151 Pokemon on my Red cartridge, and once in high school when I did it again during AP Calculus. And ever since I’ve been able to get apps on my smartphone, I’ve had the itch to catch ‘em [...]

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