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SF Police Aid Apple In Search For Missing iPhone 5

Ever lost a phone? I have, and I well remember the sweating, the aching, the wondering when my life would be made right again. Thankfully, I’ve always found it where I left it: at the movie theater, at the restaurant, or in my other pocket… But what if I didn’t find it? I suppose I [...]


Is It Time To Buy A Chromebook?

Time for a new laptop. My wife recently had to give up her work-issued computer, and she needs her browsing-from-the-couch fix, or I don’t know what will happen. The thought hit me in the shower: I reported on the Chromebook a couple months ago, I wonder what ever happened with that? As it turns, out, [...]


Apple Has More Cash Than the U.S. Treasury

Fortune magazine recently reported that Apple has more cash on hand than the U.S. Treasury. One more time, just for dramatic effect: Apple has more cash on hand than the U.S. Treasury. The U.S. Treasury, whose woes are the only thing anyone can hear about on the news these days, had a closing balance on [...]


Apple Store Imposters

Pretty much all of Asia, from Russia to Singapore, has become forcibly linked in my mind with pirated products. CDs and DVDs, certainly, but also software, electronics, even neckties. It’s a rampant problem on the other side of the world, and governments are having a difficult time keeping the piracy contained. Just to illustrate how [...]


The Military Gets the Coolest Tech

Check out a few sweet up-and-coming military technologies… Weaponized Lasers – We’ve already seen a demonstration this year of a ship-based weaponized laser. It was sweet. This was a several-kilowatt beam, and some scientists are already talking about megawatt lasers. We’re a little way off from the laser bolts in Star Wars, but we’re on [...]


Android Increases Market Share by 11%

When I purchased an Android-based smartphone last week, my reasoning was that in the long run, Android would beat out iOS as the dominant mobile operating system. The mobile advertising network Millennial Media boosted my confidence in that assertion when they announced that Android not only remains the most-used OS, but has significantly increased its [...]


Will the Netflix Price Hike Chase You Away?

Not me. When I heard the news of the 60% increase, the first thought to cross my mind was one made by Josh on this very blog: the price of one month of Netflix services is still less than a night at the movies for two. And yet people are still hacked off over the [...]


R.I.P. iPod

The iPod is pretty much done. Not done done, yet, but pretty much. Apple sold 22.7 million iPods at the end of 2008, its peak season. Since then, iPod sales have been on a steady decline, with sales for the third quarter of 2011 projected at 8.4 million units. What gives? Well, I suppose it’s [...]


Get the Most From Your Android Phone

Now that I’m officially an Android user, I’m looking for the best ways to get the most out of my smartphone. With the incredibly vast array of apps in the Android market, it’s been tough for me to find the best of the bunch. I’m not a download junkie, and so I feel like I [...]


Review – My Droid X2 Is Awesome

It may not be perfect (and we’ll get to that later), but my Motorola Droid X2 sure is sweet. I’ve explained elsewhere my reasons for going with an Android phone over the iPhone: it boils down to my opinion that Android will (eventually) emerge victorious, and I would do well to learn their OS sooner [...]

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