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Nokia Promotes A Phone With A Battery Life Of 35 Days

Nokia has announced a phone that is just for “the essentials” — calling and texting — but comes with two unique features: long-lasting and affordable. The Nokia 105 is set to retail at $20 and has a battery life of 35 days. While it doesn’t come with a camera, the device has a FM radio, [...]


Today’s Must-Watch Tech Video: This “Next Generation Of Gesture Control” Arm Band Measures Muscle Activity

MYO calls itself the “next generation of gesture control.” The arm band measures the activity in your muscles to control smartphones, tablets, computers, or other devices. With an API open to developers, there is an endless amount of possibilities with this technology. It’s available now for preorder at a price of $149.


How An iPhone Saved The Life Of A Soldier Fighting In Afghanistan

When his unit was sent to Eastern Afghanistan, a United States soldier from Alaska, Joel Stubleski, took his iPhone with him. He didn’t bring it to call or text, but to use as a camera and iPod. The device, however, would serve an unexpected purpose — it saved his life. After returning home from a [...]


Acting Out! iPhone App Is Charades Meets Draw Something: Film Yourself And Your Opponent Guesses The Word

With both a free and paid version available, Acting Out!, is an iPhone game that tests your charades skills — both acting and guessing skills. It’s a pretty straightforward idea, you are given a word and you film yourself acting out the word or phrase. Your video is then sent to an opponent who must guess [...]


Here’s Laptop Magazine’s Review Of Our iPad Mini Keyboard Case

Laptop Magazine is out with its review of ZAGGkeys MINI 7, one of our iPad mini keyboard cases. Click here to buy a ZAGGkeys MINI 7 Below are some excerpts from the review: The ZAGGkeys Mini 7 is the toughest iPad mini keyboard we tested. We liked the way the Mini 7′s thin, flip-out kickstand runs the [...]


Coins Are Out, Tweets Are In: There’s A Twitter-Activated Vending Machine In Canada

As part of the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto, Hot Wheels and Chevrolet developed the first Twitter-activated vending machine. AutoShow guests can receive an exclusive Hot Wheels Camaro from the vending machine by sending a tweet using #ChevyCIAS @HotWheelsCanada and having their geo-location Twitter services enabled. See the video above to see it in action. [...]


Pizza Vending Machine Makes Fresh Pizza In Less Than 3 Minutes

An Italian company has been marketing its ‘Pizza Vending Machine’ for a few years now. The machine makes fresh pizza—from the dough to the toppings—in front of your eyes in less than 3 minutes. The video above demonstrates how it works. Related Posts: Coins Are Out, Tweets Are In: There’s A Twitter-Activated Vending Machine In Canada [...]


People Who Take Pictures Of People Taking Pictures Of Their Food

A Tumblr dedicated to posting photos of people who are in the act of Instagramming food is making the rounds. Here are a few examples… All images from Go there to see more people taking pictures of their food.


You Have Until February 27th To Apply To Get Google Glass (Must Apply Using Google+ Or Twitter)

Google’s recently released Google Glass video makes the new product look very exciting. Recently, Google started the #ifihadglass campaign, a campaign to determine which people should be the first to test out Google Glass. Applicants must participate on Twitter or Google+. Additionally, it appears that Google is looking for creative uses of the product, as [...]


5 Harlem Shake T-Shirts You Can Buy Right Now

From athletes to retirement homes, everyone is doing the Harlem Shake. For those who can’t get enough of it, here are 5 Harlem Shake t-shirts you can buy right now: RedBubble Zazzle Etsy RedBubble Zazzle

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