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Help Us Improve The ZAGGsparq

ZAGGsparq owners: Please help us improve the ZAGGsparq with the survey below. Bonus: Enter to win a $100 ZAGG eGift Card at the end of the survey. Loading…


iFrogz Boost: No wires. No Bluetooth. No Synching. It’s the simplest speaker solution ever

Click here for more information about the iFrogz Boost The Boost by iFrogz utilizes cutting-edge technology to amplify your smartphone’s sounds in a way no other accessory can. No synching, no wires, it’s just simple. Place your smartphone (or other mobile device) on top of the Boost and the patent pending NearFA™ technology takes over. [...]

Here are the nominations for the funniest YouTube video of 2012. Vote and enter to win 1 of 10 $75 ZAGG eGift Cards

Earlier this week we asked readers to help us find the funniest YouTube video of 2012. After sifting through the entries, here are the 5 nominees. Be sure to vote for your favorite at the bottom of this post. Voting ends at noon EDT on July 18, 2012. I feel dizzay! Dramatic Song Chaddy wisdom [...]

Google Started As A Pizza Delivery Service

Google Started As A Pizza Delivery Service

In a recent presentation, Sergey Brin, Co-founder of Google, revealed that one of Google’s earliest ideas was a pizza delivery service. The idea was that users would fill out an order and the order would be faxed to the pizza restaurant with a delivery request. The idea worked, however after discovering that few pizza places [...]


Here’s a clearly unique iPhone 5 concept video

iPhone concept videos and images are always interesting to see. Here’s an iPhone 5 concept commercial made by 17-year-old Dakota Adney. It’s thin, clear, and complete with a laser projection keyboard.


7 Innovative Ways Social Media can help Sell Your Book/Service or Product (by @jakelarsen7)

We live in amazing times. We can do things now that were nearly impossible to do just 10 years ago. The internet gives everyone knowledge at their fingertips. Social media connects everyone around the world. Technology makes our lives easier, quicker and better. We can do whatever we want to do. Thanks to the internet [...]


The ABCs Of Tech: How a tech dad sings a tech baby to sleep

When we had our baby, a friend gave me some advice. He sent me this exact text: “If your kid needs something to distract him, show him this YouTube video:” I took his advice and played the video when the baby needed to chill. It worked as advertised. The video distracts him so he [...]

ZAGG Across The Globe: A Map of ZAGG Stories (by Our Customers)

With over 30 million invisibleSHIELDs sold, ZAGG products touch the lives of millions every day. We’re grateful for our customers and followers and we love hearing how our products are used. We heard the story of the life-saving ZAGGsparq, the ZAGGfolios that protect iPads from road rash (link & link), and many other real-life stories. [...]

ZAGGfolio 5

Customer Letter: ZAGGfolio Protects iPad From Wicked Road Rash And Tire Tread (True Story)

My seven year old, when getting out of the car this morning, manages to knock my soft sided leather “grip” onto the running board of my Jeep unbeknownst to me. I leave the school merging on to Cantrell Road, one of the main roads into downtown Little Rock. A car in front of me stops [...]


Returning Memorial Day: The iPad-an-hour Giveaway (An iPad 3 will be given away each hour)

Last year on Black Friday we had the very first ‘iPad-an-hour’ giveaway. Over 24 hours we gave an iPad 2 to 24 different winners. We’re excited today to announce that the iPad-an-hour Giveaway returns on Memorial Day, Monday May 28, 2012. Starting at 12:00 am MDT on Memorial Day, we’ll be giving away an iPad [...]

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