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Starting Monday: The Daily Gaming Giveaway (Win your choice of a PS3, Xbox, Wii, or Vita)

Starting Monday, we’re giving away a gaming system every single day for the month of May. Each day is a new chance to win and you’ll need to come enter daily. To make it better, each day you pick with prize you want to win. Choose from a PS3, Xbox, Wii, or Vita. If you [...]


Thank You Letter from ZAGG CEO

Dear ZAGG friends, Our goal at ZAGG is to provide creative product solutions to protect, personalize, and enhance your mobile experience. Thanks to your loyalty and enthusiasm, ZAGG is the #1 company for mobile device protection. Ever since we started in a backyard workshop in 2005, we’ve been Zealous About Great Gadgets. We are continuously [...]


Here’s a hair-raising letter about the ZAGGfolio protecting an iPad from a 3,000lb car doing 54 MPH (True Story)

Dear ZAGG, I’m an author who recently acquired my very first iPad 3; fully loaded. On my way to the airport I made a last moment decision to get a protective case for my new treasure. A friend highly recommended your ZAGGfolio carbon fiber case with the Bluetooth keyboard. I tested it out in the [...]


ZAGGfolio, ZAGGkeys FLEX, and ZAGGkeys SOLO: 3 Awesome Video Reviews Of Our Awesome Keyboards


This Dog Put The invisibleSHIELD For iPad 3 To The Test [VIDEO]

This Dog Put The invisibleSHIELD For iPad 3 To The Test [VIDEO]

Like a human to Angry Birds, this dog gets caught up in an iPad game for cats. The dog’s person tells us the iPad 3 was protected by an invisibleSHIELD and unharmed. Here’s more on the invisibleSHIELD.


Ferevo, An Android App, Wants To Pay You To Text

Ferevo, a Utah-based startup, has come out of the weeds with an Android texting app that actually rewards their users to text. What separates Ferevo from all the other texting services out there is they selectively embed extremely relevant links into their users text messages and then rewards their users with points based off interaction [...]

Twitter Only: 50% Discounts All Day Wednesday (Plus A Bonus Giveaway)

On Wednesday, April 18, 2012, we will tweet out discounts all day long. To participate, you will need to follow our Twitter account, @ZAGGdaily, and pay attention to our tweets all day long. Here’s how it will work: 11am EDT – 12pm EDT: 50% off ZAGGsparqs. We will tweet a discount code that will give [...]


This is why 12-year-olds aren’t excited about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram

Twitter user @PatrickMoorhead posted this screenshot of an iMessage conversation between him and his 12-year-old daughter.


Share your ZAGG experience and get a $5 ZAGG eGift Card

We’re building something awesome and you’re invited to join us. A collection of ZAGG stories is being compiled and we want you to help us complete it. In the form below, please share a short experience with one of our products. For example, you can tell us how a ZAGGsparq saved you, how an invisibleSHIELD [...]


We Roadtripped from Central New York to Salt Lake City (2,000 Miles). These Apps Helped Us Make The Trip

A friend and I recently went on a week long road trip from Central New York, down Route 66, then to Salt Lake City. During our journey we used several apps. Some of them were extremely useful, while others were more annoying than anything. My friend has an iPhone and I have an Android. We [...]

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