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Haloti Ngata

A Former NFL First Round Draft Pick and 3-Time Pro Bowler Is Joining ZAGG

We’re excited that Haloti Ngata is joining ZAGG as an official spokesperson. Haloti played college football at the University of Oregon, where he was a consensus All-American pick in 2005. He was selected as the 12th overall pick by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2006 NFL Draft, and has been named to the Pro-Bowl in [...]

ZAGGfolio 7

An Australian Customer Shared A Crazy ZAGGfolio Story With Us. Our Case Protected Her iPad While It Was Run Over

A customer from Australia shared this story with us: Just writing to put my lil iPad 3 accessories experience into words. I thought you should know. It was moving day for our family and things were hectic trying to pack child and furniture into cars to take to the new house. About 10 mins after we’d left [...]


New from ZAGG: invisibleSHIELD HD for iPhone and iPad (with an invisible video)

One of  ZAGG’s favorite iPad 3 accessories is the invisibleSHIELD. it is our flagship product. Since 2005, over 30 million invisibleSHIELDs have been sold. Today, you can cover over 5,000 different devices with an invisibleSHIELD. Each iPad 3 screen protector is military grade with Nano-Memory Technology and comes with a lifetime warranty. invisibleSHIELD HD is the [...]


Photos: The iPad 3 Waiting Line

A look at the end of the line. Lots of anticipation So many awesome things about this outfit Apple employees meet before opening Front of the line Apple employees greet the line before opening Last night we left chairs for those who waited in line

ZAGGfolio for iPad 3

Video: These ZAGG Fans Got Out Of The iPad 3 Line And Raced For A Free Keyboard

Filmed at the Apple store in Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City


Is there a 24-hour Wal-Mart near you? It will be selling The new iPad at midnight (Less than 12 hours away!)

Gizmodo is reporting that 24-hour Wal-Mart stores will begin selling The new iPad at 12:01 am tomorrow, March 16th. In most time zones across the United States, that’s less than 12 hours away. Other Wal-Mart stores will begin selling it at 8 am. Apple Stores will open at 8 am too.


Tell Us Which Is Your Favorite App And Enter To Win 5 ZAGGsparqs

It’s time for another multi-ZAGGsparq giveaway. The first prize winner will get 5 ZAGGsparqs. The winner can keep all five, or they can spread the wealth and send the extras to friends and family. Second prize will be a $50 eGift Card and third prize will be a $25 eGift Card. Here’s how you enter: [...]


Baby’s First Cake: An iPhone Birthday Cake

My wife and I both have iPhones. Our baby loves to hold them and try to talk on them. There have been occasions when the only thing that will stop his crying is an iPhone. This weekend is his first birthday and in honor of his favorite toy, my wife made him an iPhone birthday [...]


The ‘Near Field Audio Speaker’ That Blew Minds At CES Is Now Available From iFrogz

Click To See The Boost Product Page at Boost, a Near Field Audio Speaker by iFrogz, was one of the darlings at CES. Videos of the gadget flooded YouTube and it was covered by various tech blogs, including TUAW. Here’s how TUAW explained Boost: What’s interesting is how it works. iFrogz calls it “near-field [...]


Win an iPad 2: Help us write a script

We’re always working to improve One feature we want to add is a “talking head.” With a talking head, a video of an actor/actress comes onto a web page and talks to the visitor. For an example of a talking head, visit We want our talking head to be on our 404 Page. [...]

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