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How To Use Big Letters On Snapchat

Maybe you’ve gotten a Snapchat from a friend featuring some rather large white letters, quite different from the small text bar you’re used to. Want to be a part of the club? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a step by step guide to the big letters 1) Update your Snapchat app 2) Go [...]


Now You Can 3D Print Your Dinner

Well folks, it seems like you can print anything these days, including food. That’s right, there’s a new 3D food printer called the Foodini. Lynette Kucsma, a Foodini co-founder, told Mashable that the purpose of the device was “to take on the difficult and/or time-consuming parts of food preparation that often discourage people from creating [...]


Channel Your Inner 90s Teen With This Modern Mixtape

What do you get when you cross budding romance, music, and the 90′s? A mixtape, of course. In the age of the Spotify playlist, it seems that mixtapes are a thing of the past. If you’re yearning to go back to the days where the tape reigned supreme, look no further than the Milktape. The [...]


This Pen Fixes Injuries By Drawing On Them

Last month we showed you the 3Doodler, the cool pen that lets you 3D Print anytime, any where. Along the same lines although a bit more impressive in my opinion is the Biopen, developed by Australia’s University of Wollongong. Like the 3Doodler, the Biopen is a handheld 3D Printer, but instead of plastic, it prints [...]


The Internet? This 1995 Article Doubts The “Trendy” Internet

A blog called Three World Chant dug up an old 1995 Newsweek article a while back titled “The Internet? Bah!” that says the internet is just a passing fad, and will never reach these hyped up levels of popularity and importance. Each year, the Internet grows and 2013 was no exception, so in this time [...]


Emojis Enter the Art World In This Quirky Gallery

As silly as they may be, Emojis help us communicate. There’s always been a place for them in our messages and in our hearts, but now there’s even a place for them in the art world. An Emoji Art Show just opened up at Eyebeam that puts this “visual vernacular” on display. Eyebeam received over 300 [...]


All Hail Queen Bey—Beyoncé’s Surprise Album Crashes iTunes

Overnight on Friday, December 13th, Beyoncé released her 5th studio album and took the world by storm. Each of the 14 tracks came with an accompanying music video, and is therefore being referred to as  ”the visual album”, but is actually titled Beyoncé. There was no prior announcement or publicity for the album, and yet [...]


Here’s the Top 10 Instagram Locations of 2013

2013 was a year filled with #goodtimes for Instagram users. Instagram released a list of the top 10 Instagrammed locations. Click the links to see a feed of all the pics from the popular locations! 1.Siam Paragon (สยามพารากอน) shopping mall, Bangkok, Thailand 2. Times Square, New York 3. Disneyland, California 4. Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas 5. Disney World Florida [...]


This Mouse Is Controlled With Your Tongue [VIDEO]

Valve Engineer Ben Krasnow is bringing a whole new meaning to the term “smart mouth”. He’s invented a mouse that is controlled through a user’s tongue movements. Krasnow says the mouse it doesn’t achieve perfectly smooth movements, despite the tongue’s fine motor capabilities. But he sees a future for devices like this. He says “I [...]


Gmail Announces The Ability To Download Your Email And Calendar Data

This past Thursday, Google announced the ability to export a copy of your Gmail and Google Calendar data. You can download all mail and calendars, or just one or more subsets of labels or calendars, if you’d rather. It is now possible to download a single archive file for multiple products including a copy of [...]

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