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Toyota Hints That Hover Car Is In The Works

With Googles’ unveiling of their driverless car, you may have thought the future if the automobile has arrived… well Toyota has upped the ante with their hover car announcement. At Bloomberg‘s Next Big Thing conference in Sausalito, California on Tuesday, Toyota’s managing officer Hiroyoshi Yoshiki said that Toyota is making initial attempts to build a hover car [...]

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Playstation TV Puts Heat On Xbox At E3

The battle for ultimate home entertainment and gaming console continues. This year Xbox has already rolled out a less expensive Xbox one (minus Kinect) and announced the addition of 45 new apps that will be available for Xbox one and 360. With Xbox being so active already this year many were expecting big news from [...]


Pay Your Bills Through Amazon Coming Soon

Reuters reported earlier today that Amazon will announce that they are entering into the third party payment market. What does this mean? It means that you, potentially, could pay your bills and pay for subscriptions through and you will not have to hassle with multiple payment accounts. This new service launches Monday and will [...]


Xbox Adds 45 New Apps To Their System

Microsoft’s Xbox has taken another giant leap at becoming not just a platform for gamers but a whole home entertainment device; Xbox has added 45 new media apps. With these new additions, Xbox has raised their number of offered apps by nearly 25%. With this announcement, Xbox has announced they are bringing online a made-for-TV [...]


Samsung Announces Advanced Health Tracking Wearable Device

At Samsung’s “Voice of the Body” event in San Francisco they gave sneak peak of their upcoming wearable tech innovation, the Simband. The Simband is being pitched as the most extensive health tracking device on the wearable market, providing the user with instant access to a plethora of information truly making the Simband the “voice of [...]


Japanese Company Lets Design Clothes From A Smartphone

Anyone familiar with the Japanese clothing company Uniqlo will know that they are constantly pushing the borders of creativity in clothing; they have recently sought the help of various guest designers, like Pharrell Williams, who are known for their creativity. Producing such a wide range of creative designs in their clothing has allowed the Uniqlo [...]


Facebook Makes Dating Easier With “Ask” Button

With dating apps like Tinder and Loveflutter generating over 750 million acts of user participation a day, it is no surprise that Facebook felt a need to become more involved in the social dating scene. To fulfill their need of staying relevant, Facebook has recently introduced their “Ask” button; a feature that allows an interested [...]


Google Acquires Photo-Based Translation App

Earlier today Google announced the purchase of the app Word Lens from Quest Visual; Word Lens allows the users to translate signs or any text by just taking a picture of it. The app currently allows you to translate between 7 different languages: English German Spanish Italian Russian Portuguese Google will most likely expand the [...]


Social Media And Technology For The Elderly

In a world that is dominated by the latest social media platforms and trends, it is often difficult for grandparents to connect and interact with their  families’ (I haven’t gotten any “selfies” from grandma lately). Well, a Dutch startup, Famatic, is trying to ensure that the elderly can have a seamless transition to social interaction [...]

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