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EMILY: The Remote Controlled Lifeguard Robot

Technology is getting more and more creative by the day with this new device currently being used by a multiple communities. EMILY, which stands for Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard, is a small watercraft containing a floatation device. EMILY can go up to 20 mph, which in some cases gets it to swimmers faster and safer [...]


Seven MLB Teams’ Facebook Pages Hacked

Unfortunately, the Facebook pages for seven different Major League Baseball teams were hacked this week, and their statuses updated to a variety of funny and offensive messages. The seven teams consisted of the Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Miami Marlins, New York Yankees, San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants and the Washington Nationals. Despite the [...]

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Massive Solar Flare Goes Viral

Don’t worry, NASA is keeping tabs on the enormous solar flare that started last week and has gone viral with their video coverage. Thankfully, the X1.4 solar dustup is nothing to worry about and is not expected to create any damage.  Check out the videos below to see this dramatic event unfold!


Check Out This Bluetooth Steering Wheel Command Center

This Bluetooth speakerphone attaches right to your steering wheel to provide easier hands-free conversations while driving. The device includes a 5-hour rechargeable battery, 2-watt speakers with noise cancelation technology and a DC car adapter. The LCD display screen has caller ID, allowing users to accept or reject calls with the click of a button. Other [...]

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The Perfect Beach Towel For Gadget Lovers

Click here to enter the Carrie Underwood Concert Giveaway Check out this amazing and stylish beach towel that provides just the right amount of comfort with a combination of essential features. TowelMate’s Ultimate Beach Towel is made of 100% pure cotton velour and comes in four signature prints and solids. This two-sided, 70” long towel [...]

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Create A Deck Of Cards Using Your Facebook Friends

Now no one will be left out of your blackjack marathons or poker nights with these personalized playing cards. The cards use the same ‘traditional’ layout of a regular 54 count playing deck, but place your Facebook friend in the center of each card. Now your friends can be remembered as the Queen of Hearts, [...]

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The Best Robot Bloopers Video You’ve Ever Seen

The San Francisco based media production company BotSport, focuses on robotic events highlighting Autonomous Humanoids Competitions. Not sure what that means? Basically, this company has created a video streaming tv site that is centered on robotic competitions! Check out the footage below of the RoboCup 2012 bloopers to get an idea of this awesome past-time [...]

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New York Swaps Pay Phones for Free Wi-Fi

A pilot program is being tested in New York that installs free Wi-Fi hotspots in place of payphone kiosks. The hotspots will allow users to connect to the Internet after agreeing to some simple terms and conditions. This transformation could help reduce crime in the city, as well as provide more digital inclusion for residents. [...]

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Could This Spider-Inspired iPhone 5 Concept Design Ever Take Off?

Have you ever seen something more creepy that this spider-like version of the possible iPhone 5? Designer Federico Ciccarese has created a concept of the highly anticipated device and what he thinks it may look like. But who ever said anything about metal-pronged legs? Phones Review points out that: “While we think it actually looks [...]

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Victoria Beckham’s $33,000 gold iPhone case

Despite its beauty, this solid gold iPhone 4 just seems ridiculous for the average Apple fan. The device boasts 150 grams of 24 carat gold for an exorbitant price tag of $33,622. It even comes with a genuine hand-finished wallet made from Ostrich foot. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham have taken a liking to the device [...]

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