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Apple’s New Employee Discount Is Now Active

Early January marked an exciting time for Apple employees. Not only were they enjoying tuition assistance, access to the latest Mac gadgets, and a legendary employee cafeteria, but CEO Tim Cook brought an even better offering to the table. Starting June 2012, Apple employees now receive $500 off new Macs and $250 off of new [...]

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iPhone 5 Rumors: Will There Be A Smaller Dock Connector?

With no release date set, Apple fans are sitting on edge gobbling up all the iPhone 5 rumors they can get. Many enthusiasts and analysts hoped to see the new smartphone at the 2012 WWDC but were instead welcomed by Apple’s new MacBook Pro line up. Despite this set back, rumors have flared that the [...]

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MyForce: The Mobile “Blue Light” Emergency App

Despite the mandate for universities to provide timely warnings in the event of danger, such problems as sexual harasment and shootings still have the potential to take place at schools across the nation. That is why MyForce was created, to provide students with a mobile security device. MyForce is a subscription-based security app that launches [...]


Introducing Code d’Urgence: Your Medical History in a QR Code

A solution has been found in France for providing critical medical information on the scene of an emergency. The solution is Code d’Urgence, a QR code that securely stores medical history and emergency contact information for medical professionals to have instant access to. The QR code can be purchased for a yearly subscription of 36€ [...]

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CellScope: Diagnosing Ear Infections With Your iPhone

Each year, 30 million medical visits in the U.S. are due to pediatric ear infections. That’s why a startup company called CellScope has developed a device that can help make home diagnostics a reality. The device connects to the iPhone to produce a magnified view inside the ear, from which users can capture and upload [...]


3 Facebook-Like Companies That Couldn’t Make The Leap

Facebook has grown to a social networking giant serving over 900 million users everyday. But Facebook wasn’t the first to introduce the world to online social networking, so why is it the only one standing? For some other social networking platforms of the past it was server instability or lack of financial support. Other former [...]


Lenovo Wants In On the Ultrabook Game with ThinkPad X1 Carbon

With the ThinkPad X220 and last year’s Gorilla Glass-screened business/consumer hybrid, the ThinkPad X1, Lenovo has changed up the pace and gone for a sleeker and sexier version this summer. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon is aimed at notebook users who want something lightweight and durable that can perform, and the X1 can do just that [...]

5 Funny Comedy Channels on YouTube

YouTube is filled all kinds of content, from documentaries to comedy sketches and more, making the massive platform seem overwhelming for people searching for specific content. Eight years of content is uploaded to the video streaming site daily, making this issue even more complicated. Thankfully for sketch comedy lovers out there, I’ve been able to [...]


5 Non-Profits to Follow On Instagram

With Instagrams growing popularity, its no wonder that celebrities, companies and now non-profits are sharing in the trend. Check out these five non-profits that will inspire you with their beautiful and heartwarming images. Red Earth Trading: Travis Gravette started this non-profit in 2007 to expand poverty struck community’s markets and strengthen their businesses. The Red [...]


Milkmaid: A Smarter Way To Detect Bad Milk

When milk goes bad, it is not a pretty sight or smell. No one likes to put sour milk on their Cheeros in the morning, and that’s why General Electric and Quirky picked Milkmaid as the winner of their latest project. The GE and Quirky challenge was to make everyday objects “smarter with software,” thus [...]

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