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Mister Rogers is Back, and He’s Gone Viral

Once again it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood thanks to Mister Rogers viral remix video. PBS Digitial Studios and Symphony of Science’s John “Melodysheep” Boswell have teamed up to produce the viral hit “Garden Of Your Mind.” Viewers of the video can expect to hear words of wisdom regarding curiosity, learning and imagination. The [...]


Marilyn Monroe’s Tech Resurrection

Since the Tupac hologram wowed crowds at Coachella earlier this year, holographic performances by deceased celebrities have been the talk of the town. Currently, Marilyn Monroe looks like the next in line to open up her career as a performer, spokesperson, and computer avatar. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a company called Digicon Media is [...]


5 Instagram Accounts Every Fashionista Must Follow

Instagram has exploded in popularity and started branching out to more and more brands and celebrities. The photo-sharing app is now being used by a variety off different designers, stylists, makeup artists and bloggers. The platform provides them with an outlet to share their favorite looks, products and behind the scenes glimpses from special events [...]


‘Politiwoops’ Archives Political Gaffes

The game of politics is very unforgiving, especially when it comes to gaffes and misspoken comments. The Sunlight Foundation has taken advantage of this with its new project, Politiwoops, which captures tweets deleted by the official accounts of politicians and presidential candidates etc. The website provides this archive of deleted political tweets to the public [...]


The Top Five ‘Amercia’ Memes

Since Mitt Romney’s app mishap was released last week, the politician and his team haven’t been able to live it down. The Republican presidential hopeful was able to correct the spelling error soon after the app’s release but not in time for many users to create a meme frenzy.  The term went viral on Twitter [...]


Rip Tide Warning App

Since it is Rip Current Awareness Week (June 3 – June 9), students from the Stevens Institute of Technology and the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium (NJSGC) have developed an app that warns users of unsafe beaches. According to WebMD, rip tides are a top danger and deadly phenomena. Unfortunately, they tend to receive much [...]


Smirnoff Guardians: The Facebook Campaign Against Drunk Driving

A social media solution has been created to prevent drunk driving, and ironically it is funded by the alcohol brand, Smirnoff. Brian G. Cheung and Vanessa Krchova from the Miami Ad School came up with the idea and called it ‘Smirnoff Guardians.’ The idea will be featured as a Facebook campaign and will focus on [...]


Spotify: Now Available in the Land Down Under

Recently, the popular music-streaming site Spotify was launched in Australia and New Zealand, in a move some say could change the face of the countries music industries. Spotify is offering up access to about 16 million tracks via PC, smartphone and iPad, bringing Spotify’s availability to 15 countries total. The Swedish based service came to [...]


Dragon Drive! Dictation in Your Car

Nuance Communications unveiled the latest in talking-car technology early last week with their new Siri-like voice platform. Dragon Drive replicates the functionality of Siri so that drivers can initiate a conversation to perform common tasks rather than take their hands off the wheel. The platform allows users to send and receive texts and emails via [...]


iDermal: Wearable Technology Takes On A Whole New Form

Wearable technology took on a whole new form, with Dave Hurban’s new invention for his iPod Nano. This hardcore technology lover, tattoo artist and piercer recently implanted magnets into his own wrist, all so that he could wear his trusty iPod Nano like a watch without having to sport the wristband. To make his iDermal, [...]

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