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eBay Founder Invests To Beat Childhood Obesity

eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife Pam have directed their good efforts through the Omidyar Network and HopeLab to produce a new project to reduce childhood obesity. HopeLab has taken the step and invested $1 million into a for-profit company called Zamzee, a startup that is testing the notion that the addictiveness of games [...]


Advocacy Group Paints Tweets On The Street With A Gigantic Printer On Wheels

ONE, a grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization, is fighting extreme poverty and preventable diseases through paint. The organization wants the G8’s attention and starting last week, began the ONE Street Tweet. Simply put, you send a 40 character tweet to their Twitter page on global agriculture and if they like it they will print it [...]


The Facebook App Behind Morgan Spurlock’s ‘Mansome’

Mansome is a new documentary by Morgan Spurlock that takes a comedic approach in discussing male grooming habits, the changing nature of masculinity and the overall image of men. The film contains clips and interviews with many famous celebrities, champion beard growers and a grab bag of barbers, anthropologists and magazine editors to help bring [...]

5 YouTube Channels To Spice Up Your Cooking

With all the new technology and unlimited access to information these days, I find it hard not to cook with out my laptop near by. Yes, it may sound tacky but I store all my good recipes on my phone or computer and tend to just use them as I go in the kitchen. Watching [...]

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Pair Welcomes the Android Platform

Until now, Pair, an app that focuses on keeping couples in touch, had discriminated against cross-platform romance. The iOS version launched in March of this year and picked up over 200,000 users, with $4.2 million in funding and a lawsuit over the app’s name. The app essentially creates a privately shared timeline for couples that [...]


Game of Thrones: On It’s Way To Record Piracy

The epic HBO series, Game of Throne’s is on its way to becoming the number one most pirated show in America, with the introduction of season two. Not only is the show extremely popular with HBO subscribers, but with pirates as well. The second season alone has been downloaded well over 25 million times from [...]

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Coda’s Electric Sedan Is Finally Here

Consumer car industry newcomer Coda Automotive finally introduced its electric sedan early last week at its plant in the Northern California city of Benicia. The Coda sedan seats five, can drive up to 125 miles on one charge and has taken two years longer to reach the market than its makers initially planned. Priced at [...]

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Social Media’s Top Retailers

In this day and age, it is practically mandatory for brands to be linked to some form of social media, whether is be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ or even Pinterest. Facebook for instant has the most branded pages which is likely due to the network’s maturity and effectiveness of their paid advertising options. Facebooks top [...]

Flixel: Create Your Own Cinemagraphs

Just like in the Harry Potter movies, you too can create moving pictures with the simple app called Flixel. Flixel was launched in March of 2011 and has since been creating “living pictures” for all the world to see. The idea is very simple: users take a short (usually around 2 second) video of a [...]

Persistent Toddler Video Hits 2 Million Views

This adorable video clip went viral early last week and has already reached well over 2 million views! The video consists of an adorable young boy and his obvious young crush fighting over his affection towards her. No matter what he does, he just can’t seem to get the cute little brunette girl to like [...]

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