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7 Twitter Accounts Baseball Fans Should Follow

Now that baseball season is officially in full swing, it’s time for loyal fans to jump on the tweeting wagon and keep up with the nitty-gritty on Twitter. Baseball’s 162 game season is a long, long haul with multitudes of info to keep up with. From breaking news to the best analysis and inside looks [...]


Doctor, Teacher, Accountant, CEO, Fashion: 5 Professionals to Follow on Twitter

Despite the constant trend of following celebrities and parody accounts on Twitter, there are also many influential professionals worth following on the social network as well. In case you were curious about some of Twitter’s top tweeters, check out the list below to get your professional tweeting fix. Top Doctor: @Krupali – Krupali Tejura is [...]


Spotify Is Now On Your iPad

Until recently, premium subscribers to Spotify that wanted to use the service on their iPad had to make do with running the iPhone app. Now all that has changed, and the new app brings features to the table that many iPad users will appreciate. Spotify’s developers considered use-case for the iPad while crafting the new [...]


Kindle Fire’s Latest Update

Amazon recently released the new update for the Kindle fire to version 6.3.1. The new update will allow users to get additional parental controls that let users protect purchases with a password, disable access to content libraries, and block access to the web browsing, as well as access to some neat sharing features and more [...]


10 Celebrities to Follow on Instagram

Did you know celebrities have Instagram accounts too? Just another way for obsessed fans to creep on them at all hours of the day of course. But whether you are star struck or just bored on your way to work, check out the list below to see who is Instagram following worthy. Username: JustinBieber Followers: [...]

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Is Your Status As An Organ Donor Facebook Official?

The world’s largest social network announced earlier this week that they will be offering help for the global shortage of donor organs by creating an organ donor option on the new Facebook Timeline. The site revamped its Groups feature to allow users to register to become an organ donor, as well as share their story [...]

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Sega’s Urinal Mounted Gaming Device

The fascination of “sword fighting” has taken on a new extreme with Sega’s introduction of the “Toylet,” a urinal-mounted gaming system that not only has you play games while you are in the bathroom, but is actually powered by urine! A sensor is placed inside the urinal that measures volume and pressure, allowing players to [...]

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Etsy Overview: How to Get Started

Despite Etsy’s launch in 2005, not everyone has caught onto the hip DIY ecommerce site and knows how to use it. Etsy is comprised of individual user shops, similar to eBay or Amazon except that it has the reputation for hosting very specific products. Etsy hosts handmade items, vintage clothing and jewelry, refurbished and upcycled [...]

5 Videos to Entertain Your Cat

Has your cat ever perked its ears or watched the screen after hearing or seeing content from your computer? YouTube user Meghan Koley has created an entire channel dedicated to videos for cats, so cat ladies be warned! This channel could bond you and your feline friends even closer. Koley’s channel, “Videos For Your Cat” [...]

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Top 10 Internet Hall of Famers

The Internet has finally been awarded its own Hall of Fame as of April 23rd in Geneva, Switzerland. The Hall of Fame includes a total of 33 visionaries that have had a profound impact on the early stages of the web. Check out the list below to see who has made it in the top [...]

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