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This Electric Guitar Allows You to Rock Out with iOS, PC, or Mac

Let’s face it, many people dream of being big rockstars but one of the biggest hurdles in setting foot in the right direction is getting the proper equipment. A solid set up of an electric guitar, an amp, and recording software can run a couple thousand dollars. Fender has teamed up with Apple to release [...]


$179 lens turns your iPhone into a microscope

If I had to pick only one thing I really love about the iPhone, it’s the camera. I can document my entire life and the world around me in clear, crisp quality with just the iPhone. Many accessories are out there that utilize the camera however, Scalar Japan has upped the ante of lens accessories [...]


This Bouncy Ball Camera Could Save Lives

A First Responder has one of the most dangerous jobs in an increasingly complex, unknown world. Active shooters in dark rooms and corridors, victims trapped in smoke-filled burning buildings, and people trapped in collapsed tunnel systems are some of the dangerous situations police, firefighters, and search and rescue teams come to face. Bounce Imaging has [...]


If you have an iPhone and give a lot of presentations, this gadget/app set is currently $10 off

The prevalence of smartphones has allowed for some really nifty gadgets and apps that seem to make everyday life so much easier and more efficient. Satechi has created a little device that combines the separate gadgets needed to give a good presentation all through an iPhone. The X-Pointer has a built in laser pointer that [...]


Awesome iPhone Concept: Expandable app icons

Max Rudberg has merged the concept of the living home screens of Windows Phone and Android with the iPhone to create a very interesting take on expandable app icons in iOS. Max’s description of the idea’s overall functionality is both efficient and space saving: In this concept, an app icon can be resized from 1×1 [...]


INVENTED: This machine separates your Skittles into color groups so you don’t have to

For those that enjoy separating their colorful candy into different groups, Brian Egenriether has invented a machine that sorts Skittles into their different color groups. The machine has a funnel-type chimney feeder at the top attached to a long, cylindrical body that rotates and spits the candy into bowls at the bottom that correspond to [...]


Pumpkin Tetris: The Ultimate Halloween Party Accessory

Halloween is definitely one of my favorite times of the year because of all the creativity that comes out from all of us. Whether it’s from decorating, making costumes, or carving pumpkins, there’s some creativity up all our sleeves. Computer Programmer Nathan has fused his love of DIY and tinkering with the season and has [...]


Only available from Apple, you control these Philips light bulbs with your iPhone or iPad

Philips has entered the market of smart home fixations by announcing their new smart LED bulb Hue earlier today, which will be sold exclusively in Apple Stores starting on October 30. The bulb will enable users to control the light wirelessly while allowing for personalized light customization via an app through a smartphone or tablet. [...]


This $60 gadget turns your iPad into a Pinball machine

Arcade gaming may seem like a dying fade to some but many gadget accessories allow for the nostalgia to live on into modern times. The iCade, for example,does just that by transforming an iPad into a mini-arcade cabinet. The folks at Duo Games have continued this trend and developed a controller that makes playing handheld [...]


Amazon A9 Founder to Join Apple and Run Siri

According to AllThingsD, Apple has hired Amazon A9′s co-founder and CEO William Stasior to take the helm of the voice recognition program Siri. Stasior, who holds a PhD from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, formerly led product and engineering for the Search & Navigation team at Amazon before finding the independent search company [...]

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