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retina MBP 13 display

Everything you need to know about the new Retina MacBook Pro

My 15” Retina MacBook Pro is one of the most amazing machines I’ve ever owned. However it is very expensive, and hardly a mass market computer. The new 13” Retina MacBook Pro may be a step in the direction of a more broad adoption of Retina capable computers. Thin like the MacBook Air The new [...]


Apple’s iPad Mini Price Will Come In Competitively Despite Reports Otherwise

AllThingsD is reporting that the new iPad Mini will be priced above the competition. The post has the feeling of a controlled leak on the part of Apple. Remember when Wall Street Journal reported the first generation iPad would cost $999? This feels a lot like that leak. The message of the post attempts to [...]


Apple Event Rumor Roundup

Let’s round up a few rumors. The event tomorrow gives us an inkling that at least some of these rumors aren’t false. I’m ordering these in their probability of correctness. The iPad Mini (or Air): Yup. The iPad Mini has been rumored for quite a while. AppleInsider has revealed 12 iPad configurations in two different [...]


Amiigo: Monitor your workouts, activities, and vital signs (a bracelet built by MIT engineers)

Wearable devices on the market are a hot commodity. The number of mobile and wireless devices we have create a wonderful opportunity for data collection. A team of engineers from MIT are working on a new kind of wearable device that won’t only track activity, but could also keep track of vital health statistics. The [...]


Newsweek won’t be the last publication to go digital only

What does it mean for the industry for a big publisher like Newsweek to shut the doors on their print edition? As of 2013, the big giant will go ‘all digital’. Newsweek Editor Tina Brown wrote a memo about the news to the staff. She announced the end of the issue, and expressed confidence in [...]

ipad mini invite plus case

iPad Cannibalism might be the best option for Apple

Cannibalism is a scary thing. But in the world of business it’s sometimes the best option. Apple is expected to ship a smaller, less expensive iPad. The device will likely ship the first week of November. The question on the street is what that might do for the sales of larger iPads. Wall Street analysts [...]

Outwitters free-to-play app development

What an app needs to make money on free-to-play

We get very excited by free-to-play apps. The app distribution model is to give the app away for free, and charge for some of the functionality via in-app-purchases. This model can be good for both users and developers. In fact, these apps can do very well. Some of the top grossing apps on the app [...]

google calendar update for android

Official Google Calendar is Now Available on the Play Store

Google Calendar on Play store One of the best pieces of news to come for Android users is the announcement that Google Calendar is available for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich or later. And it’s wonderful. I’ve tested the app on my own phone and it’s really a great upgrade to the stock calendar. The [...]

softbank clearwire sprint carrier us deal japan smartphone iphone android

Details: SoftBank acquires Sprint

Sprint is making some moves. At the beginning of the week, Sprint and SoftBank (a Japanese carrier) confirmed a $20.1 billion acquisition. The deal came with some stiff stipulations, but basically, SoftBank bought a controlling share of the company’s stock. They paid $8 billion in newly-issued shares, and $12.1 billion in existing shares. They own [...]

aereo watch tv internet on iphone mac pc

Aereo is a cable network killer in New York, that might die before it gets its chance to get to you

There is indeed a startup that wants to put broadcast television on more than just your TV via the internet. The service is called Aereo. They have launched for the people of New York. For those in the area, live TV is available on the Mac, PC in addition to iOS, Apple TV, and Roku. [...]

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