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Unsurprisingly, this USB-powered squirming tentacle does nothing but squirm in a tentacle-like manner

I was looking around for geeky Christmas presents and found something fun. ThinkGeek has a sweet little product: USB Squirming Tentacle. Show your love for Cthulhu (or just octopuses or kraken) with the USB Squirming Tentacle. Simply plug it into your USB port and it will fill your computer with unspeakable evils. Just kidding, it [...]


Bedtime Story: Google Books adds ‘Read aloud’ feature

One of the best features the Kindle had on Google was that it could read your books to you through your headphones. Google has released a major update to the Google Play Books application with some pretty awesome features and enhancements. The ‘Read Aloud’ feature is exactly what you’d request. The app is able to [...]


Wunderlist 2: The best productivity app update I’ve seen in a long time

Not only is this one of the best updates to a productivity app I’ve seen in a long time, this is the best productivity app commercial I’ve seen as far as I can remember. Every Major Platform Launching any new product is difficult. Launching a software product on a single has it’s own difficulties. Launching [...]


This USB-powered hair brush detangles and moisturizes while you brush

I went on a recent trip and spent quite a bit of time in the airport. As a geek, the most interesting thing was the USB ports on the chairs in the waiting areas. A decade ago, I would never have believed that there would be computer ports used to power devices in public places. [...]


That $35, credit card size computer that plays 1080p now has an app store

Have you heard of Raspberry Pi? It’s a computer built to promote the study of computer science, especially at a grade school level. It’s an ultra-low-cost credit-card sized Linux computer which was conceived with the primary goal of teaching computer programming to children. It was developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which is a UK [...]

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Essential Mac apps not on Apple’s ‘Best Mac Apps of 2012’ List

Yesterday I linked to a few of Apple’s top listed apps for 2012. I realized that if you’re new to Mac, there are a few more apps you should probably check out. Here are the first few free apps you probably will want to download on any Mac (I already mentioned Evernote and MintQuickView in [...]


There’s a 170-foot long trampoline in Russia that runs through a forest

In the forest of Nicola-Lenivets in Russia they have a festival called Archstoyanie with some pretty awesome exhibits. One sweet exhibit was the ‘Fast Track’ trampoline path. The design firm Salto claims the concept: “Fast Track” is an attempt to create intelligent infrastructure that is emotional and corresponds to the local context. It gives the [...]

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My 3 picks from Apple’s Best Mac Apps of 2012

Apple released its list of ‘Best Mac Apps of 2012’ and I thought it would be interesting to share my favorites. There are three that stick out to me as most deserving. Tweetbot If you use Twitter, this is the only Mac app I would recommend. The others aren’t poorly made, but they aren’t made [...]


Eric Schmidt says Android is ‘winning the war pretty clearly now’

You can find me quoted on the Twitter saying that “Android is winning”. I know it’s not a war. I know we want ‘the best’. And I know ‘the best’ is different for everyone. Eric Schmidt seems to disagree with me. Google is winning For what Google wants, Android is winning. In an interview with [...]


Amazon Instant Video now for iPhone and iPod Touch

Hope you’re ready to waste more time watching video on your iOS devices. It’s been a few months since we got Amazon Instant Video for the iPad. The most common question I get asked: “Why don’t they have it on the iPhone?” More Mobile There are quite a few iPhones and iPod Touches out there, [...]

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