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Glasses that let you see ahead while laying flat on your back.

Whatever Works The site Whatever Works has some great little finds. Little things that take care of those little quirks in our lives. They have pouches that scare away squirrels, a wrist band that holds your cell phone, and earlobe repair stickers. Of course, they have glasses that let you see ahead while laying flat [...]

Google Mobile Ads Blog

Google loses app in iOS, gains in-app video ads

The YouTube video app is leaving iOS 6. This may seem like a slap in the face by Apple on Google. However, the details of the licencing agreement are unclear. Moreso, it’s unclear if Apple is the one that dropped Google or if it was the other way around. Mobile Ads Looking at Google’s announcement [...]

Windows 8 Tablet

How To Upgrade To Windows 8 for $15

The Windows Upgrade Offer has been opened. For those that recently purchased Windows 7, the newest version of the operating system is available for only $14.99. The qualification is noted: “The offer is for customers (e.g. Home users, students, and enthusiasts) who purchase a qualified PC. A qualified PC is a new PC purchased during [...]


The Ubi – an AI house servant Kickstarter project

Having an AI servant in every room in your house is the dream. Google Now and Siri make it possible to have AI In your pocket, but the batteries of our phones make it impossible to leave them always on. So if you’re cutting up vegitables in the kitchen, it can be a pain to [...]


VIDEO: Hover bike successful test flights

Aerofex has a hover bike and a video to go with it. The device is capable of going faster and higher, but has been tested only at 30 mph and 15 feet in the air for saftey reasons. A video is below. Note that there is no audio in the video. “It essentially captures the [...]


Synaptics keyboard and trackpad is going to make laptops even thinner

Problems Windows users have a problem: We spend an awful lot of time in laptop reviews railing against modern trackpads — you know, the ones that mistake left clicks for right ones, or have a really stiff button mechanism. No mechanics Synaptics has released details on it’s ForcePad trackpad. It’s pressure sensitive and recognizes 64 [...]


With a new CEO, what does Yahoo! have in its future. Bonus: Did you notice the Yahoo! integration in iOS 6?

Yahoo isn’t going to be an easy nut for Marissa mayer to crack. The company needs solid products to bring it on par with competitors. Mayer hopes to hire engineers. She wants to emphasize products rather than media. Maybe Mayer ‘gets it’ and the future of Yahoo is more than closing down Flickr. A picture [...]


Should you back

So, you can join a new real-time social service, like Twitter, for $50 a year. The account gives you access to a social stream that will never try to sell advertisements against you. I have 3 Thoughts: Value Caleb Hicks had a great post over on GeekDaily about supporting So why am I not [...]

fat michael phelps

Michael Phelps Needs to Get These 4 Apps

The Olympics are in full swing, and the athletes are on all of our minds. I can’t help but wonder what is on the minds of the athletes. Michael Phelps in particular has my attention. He’s done some amazing things in past Olympics and the London Olympics are no exception. Phelps has more medals than [...]

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Who wins when Twitter is trying to be more like Facebook?

If you use Facebook rather than Twitter you may have missed some announcements made by Twitter that are making the geekiest of us nervous. For you, however, it might be good news. Twitter is telling third party app developers to stop making clients. Most likely, this is to prepare the development community for news that [...]

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