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New features and sharing options in Flickr’s app update

Flickr has a new iOS app that has some update loving that is long past due. You know that Flickr missed the mobile boat when Instagram stepped in a stole the show. The hope is that this latest update can up the ante for what a photo sharing app should be. According to Wired: Amazingly, [...]

screenshot sunrise sunset calendar app

Hey Instagrammers, this app tells you the sunrise and sunset times for any location (and no internet connection needed)

I launched another app today I thought you might be interested in. This app is great for photographers, hikers or anyone headed outdoors. The app was designed and built over a weekend in Ogden at an event called Startup Weekend. Two developers, a designer, and a team of business geniuses. Basic Idea We wanted to [...]


This magic potion allows you to operate a touchscreen while wearing gloves

Winter is here, and for most users leaving their phone in their pocket at the bus stop or train station is not an option. That usually leads to cold fingers. You can only hide your hands from the wind for so long. Capacitive Touch The problem is the capacitive screen. Capacitive screens don’t work with [...]

jack dorsey

Square Wallet gift cards now work with iOS Passbook

While Samsung and Motorola are doing their darndest to get NFC moving on Android, Square and Apple are going to do their best to make iOS Passbook a success. Jack Dorsey made an announcement through his Twitter account that Square will offer their Square Wallet giftcards with iOS Passbook support. Square Wallet is a great [...]


Here are the benchmark tests for the new iMac

With a new computer, as always, there are new benchmark tests. Primate Labs has just posted a summary of iMac benchmarks. The performance increase of the latest iMac are decent. Compared to previous models The analysis focuses on the 21.5-inch models, as the 27-inch models are not launching for several more weeks, and the latest high-end 21.5-inch [...]


If you love using a laser to play with your cat, this gadget is for you

You know there is more than just humans that need gifts for Christmas. Pets need gifts as well. CoolestGadgets has a fun laser toy that your cat or dog will enjoy. You’ve probably sent your pet chasing a little red dot with a laser pointer before. This is a game where the toy plays with [...]


Curved mouse concept wants to make it easy to carry around a mouse with a laptop

For many users the trackpad simply isn’t an option. I have friends that will only use the mouse. The difficulty is carrying around the mouse with your laptop. The idea of the Clip Mouse is then born. Design Competition In a design competition by Lite-On this was created by Frank Guo. The mouse is made [...]


Esty Innovation: An astronaut helmet that lights up using 16 different colored LEDs

I love Kickstarter, and I love Etsy. I love the new online retail services that allow and encourage niche products. If you’re into tech, and costumes, this may be the product for you: Electronic Helmet SimpleAsPi has a sweet astronaut helmet that lights up using 16 different colored LEDs. The helmet is light, but is [...]


What is BufferBox and why did Google buy it?

Google purchased BufferBox Inc. The startup is the product of Y Combinator that allows you to have your packages delivered to a proxy so that you can pick them up when you want. What does it mean for BufferBox? I’ve worked as a startup, and in many ways you can be tightly constrained financially and [...]


Dad builds a quadcopter drone to supervise son’s daily trip to the bus stop

Drones are cool. Quadcopters are cool. Watching your kid to the bus stop is also very cool. Paul Wallich over at ieee spectrum decided to put them all together and make a DIY drone to track his kid on the way to the bus stop. Sensors, radios and batteries It takes a bit to make [...]

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