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You can play YouTube videos in the VLC app on your desktop

Do you watch your YouTube videos in the browser? For a long time I refused to watch any YouTube video that didn’t work in Safari without Flash installed. A few months ago I gave in and started using Chrome when I wanted to watch a YouTube video that didn’t work in HTML5. A Native Option [...]

itunes updated design store

Review: iTunes 11 is an improvement

I am not an iTunes hater. I know a lot of users complain, and that it’s typically listed as the piece of Apple software that needs the most loving. The new design does quite a bit to make some users happy. There are some users Apple may never try to satisfy. Focus on the playback [...]

water bottle with storge area kangaroo

The water bottle that doubles as a wallet

If you are like me and you run to the gym without a bag, and sometimes even without pockets, you might like this newest product: The Kangaroo Bottle. This means you can take your stuff with you in the water bottle that you’re carrying in a nice little storage space. On the outside it looks [...]

itunes camera capture iphone music itunes gift card free

Surprise Features: Apple’s new iTunes 11 comes with a gift-card scanner

Apple snuck in a sweet little feature in the latest update to the famous software: gift card camera scanning. If you’ve ever used a gift-card on iTunes, you’ve had to type in the big long code on the back. Now, you can hold the card up to the camera, and it will scan the card [...]


Google Play sales higher in Japan than USA

Have you spent much on the Google Play store? Maybe you have an Android phone, and so in order to put apps you have to go through Google Play. For most of us, Google Play isn’t the first place we go for media content. It seems however, that the same isn’t true in Japan. Overseas [...]

creating a signature in preview with your isight camera

How To: Use your Mac to sign a document

This one is worth sharing just in case you’ve never heard of it, or forgot it existed: iSight signatures. The feature was added quite a while ago, but I recently remembered how awesome it was when I signed a document without printing it out. Signing Documents It’s always been possible on OS X to scan [...]

mybunjee iphone cable grip protection case

Safety First: A bungee cord for your smartphone

Over in the UK sometimes they have some fun products. MyBunjee is a funny little guy. Bunjee Protection You have a wireless phone, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep it that way. You can hook a bunjee cord to it, and then your device will be protected from falling the distance from your [...]


Nintendo officially announces the Wii Mini ($99)

I was very close to pulling a trigger on the Wii for $89 at Walmart on Black Friday. At this point I’m glad I didn’t. The Wii Mini The little console only launches in Canada. Best Buy in Canada had this Wii console on their site earlier than the official announcement, and the rumors raced [...]

Eddy Cue Apple

Do recent changes in Apple’s management signal a bigger change within the company?

Mike wrote up a great report on the maps management shuffle. Richard Williamson is gone, following Eddy Cue’s takeover of all things ‘web services’. Was it the team? Okay, now that the team behind Maps is completely gone, do you expect everything will be dandy with the Apple web service? … … … I didn’t [...]


This watch is awesome, if you can figure out how to read it

The latest watch from Tokyoflash is a killer product for watch lovers. The Kisai Polygon has a ring of triangles that represent each of the hours and nearest 10 minute increments. The center area is made up of a couple half hexagons in order to tell the minute. Thank you tokyo-flashi-doto-comu. I know I’m getting [...]

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