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Gizmodo calls it Vista, is Lion Worth The Jump?

Lion is out, and you may be wondering if you should go out and make the purchase. YES YOU SHOULD! In fact, you should start downloading it now. Don’t wait to buy, because 4GB can take a long time to download. Also, even though you click “Install” in the Mac App Store, Lion won’t install [...]

The End of DVDs

New Insights About the Netflix Price Change

The insanity! The overreaction is getting ridiculous. The market will take care of Netflix; it is the media that is inciting the mob. Even with a fee hike, millions of Netflix subscribers will be spending less each month than what it costs two adults to watch a single movie in a theater. Or have you [...]


Amazon Tablet… You Want Some Proof?

Can anyone remember back as far as 2009? Rumors of an Apple iPad were starting to emerge again. The iPhone was taking off, and people were excited about touch devices. Rumors were all over the place — and most were dead wrong — but there was smoke. And there was fire. Brian Blair from Wedge [...]


Suite of iPhone Apps Bring Technology to the Golf Course

The iPhone is such a powerful tool. It seems like everyday developers strench the device to a whole new spectrum of ability. It’s not too late in the season to talk about how the developers at Shotzoom started with the basics, and eventually developed a suite of apps with impressive technology to use on and [...]


Spotify can change your music… Today!

You can listen to new music! You do not have to be limited by your iTunes library. The hype of Spotify is about to reach epic status. As of today, Spotify has confirmed that it is launching in the US with all four major lables on board.  You can sign up for either paid tier: [...]

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