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Windows “Mango” Phone Launched By Microsoft

Looking for a new smartphone, but can’t quite decide which one to pick? There are so many options now for smartphones, that sometimes it can be difficult to find one that matches your personality and lifestyle. So, maybe this will help. Microsoft has launched Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango”, which is the newest version of Window’s [...]


This Is The Kindle Fire By Amazon

The Kindle Fire was officially unveiled by Amazon today. The first table device that many believe could be a real competitor for the iPad. It’s not some much the functionality that will help the Kindle Fire sale well – which is far more restricted than the iPad – but the fact that it is cheaper [...]


Too Many Facebook Changes?!

I don’t know about, but I personally think Facebook constantly has new changes happening right after you figure out the last change. I find it a little difficult to keep up on figuring out how to navigate Facebook – almost every day it seems like. I understand that things need to change so people don’t [...]


Avatar Rides To Come To Disney World?

Walt Disney Co. is planning to launch some new rides, the first of which will appear in their Disney World theme park in 2017 (or somewhere close to that). The new ride will be based on the 2009 hit movie Avatar, says a report. So get ready Avatar fans, this will be the ride of your life. The Wall [...]


Alternatives to Netflix

A lot of news (mostly bad) has been circulating the Internet about Netflix. The company has lost subscribers after the price hike the announced back in June, and now they’ve split the company into Netflix and Qwikster. So are you fed up with all of the new changes and want to be done with the [...]

Part 2 – Which Brands Are The Most Engaged In Social Media?

The other day I let you know who the top 5 brands that are most engaged in social media are. Today, I’m going to tell you who the other three are; they might be a bit more surprising than Starbucks and Coca-Cola. 3. Red Bull Red Bull has over 22 million people who “Like” the [...]


Netflix: First An Apology – Then More Problems

The CEO of Netflix has apologized for the issues and the “mishandling [of] a recent price increase” which a lot of uproar, unhappy customers and many of those customers cancelling the service all together. But what’s the point of an apology when it’s followed by another decision that will only further upset subscribers? The company [...]

Part 1 – Which Brands Are The Most Engaged In Social Media?

Do you ever wonder which brands use social media the most to stay connected with their customers and give them the most out of their experience with their products? Well, I’m sure you a lot of them do – most in fact – but which ones use it the most? And how do they use [...]


Apple Is Second Most Valuable Brand In The World

Apple is now the second most valuable brand in the world; behind Google. According to a study done by the consulting firm Brand Finance, the Apple logo is worth $39.3 billion, that’s up 33% from where it was at the beginning of the year. Apple has passed – for the first time – Microsoft, IBM, [...]


Samsung Galaxy Tab or iPad? I Need Help!

So my husband keeps telling me that I should buy an iPad 2, the only problem is I don’t know if I should get that or the Samsung Galaxy Tab10.1. I’m sure plenty of are thinking “iPad duh”, but I’ve heard good and bad about both and now I’m asking for the ZAGG blog readers [...]

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